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Meet Brenda Ster, Founder of The Elite Suite

Brenda Ster, Social Marketing Strategist for Direct Sellers

"The modern marketplace is changing; direct sales is changing. Consumers are mobile first, expect an in-person like experience online, and want an emotional connection to the brands they use and love. Direct sellers have to evolve to compete in this new market, and successfully build their businesses online."

Brenda Ster, Founder


First and foremost, Brenda leads with relationship and community building. With her acclaimed social marketing methods, she has provided both video-based and live coaching to thousands of independent online business owners and direct sales consultants to bring their business online, differentiate themselves from others who sell the same or similar products or services, and build loyal communities of customers, teams, fans, and friends. Through her training services and brand partnerships, Brenda and team have successfully led many of her clients to reach national recognition, incentive trips, and rewards.  

The Elite Suite is over 2000 passionate direct and social sellers building successful online businesses in the modern marketplace, through focused value-based content strategies and community-first engagement.

The Elite Suite community is 100% positive mindset, 100% no drama, and the support team you didn't know you needed.


Direct sellers have a unique challenge in social marketing. They need to project their own voice through the lens of their brand, and grow their community and business through content value that appeals to the modern consumer. Gone are the days of "old methods" such as post-and-pray or cold messsaging.

The Elite Suite inspires and empowers all members through focused goal setting, mindset coaching, masterclasses and digital resources geared toward amplifying their unique social voice and value message. We strive to complement the training provided by direct sales companies and leaders, by extending the coaching content to meet the demands of the ever-changing social landscape.

This includes continual development of our coaching resources, partnering with industry experts and service providers, and providing assets that serve the needs of the direct and social sellers throughout their entire marketing journey - from launch to scale.

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