Are you blogging for your direct sales business? You should be! Let’s get you off on the right track, and kickstart your brilliant topic ideas.

When blogging for direct sales, one strategy is to write about topics that would be of interest to other direct sellers. They are the ones who will be searching Google for answers to their questions, and you want your blog to pop up in their search results. This will help your blog gain traction and followers, search engine optimization, and build your blog and personal credibility. Then when you sprinkle in promotional content, you’ll extend your content reach to new followers. Don’t forget to post your blog on your social channels such as your Facebook fan page, private VIP group, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

10 Blog Topic Ideas For Direct Sellers:

  • The importance in choosing the right sponsor in your brand.
  • Tips for new consultants in your brand.
  • How to organize your direct sales business paperwork for optimal tax management.
  • What to include in your hostess packet.
  • Tips for successful hostess coaching.
  • How to source vendor events.
  • Developing a good system for lead follow-ups.
  • Incorporating your children into your direct sales business.
  • Direct sales party game ideas.
  • Conducting successful online parties.

If you are blogging weekly, sprinkle in some promotional content, and with these 10 blog topic ideas you’ll have enough posts to last you a few months. And you’ll soon be well on your way to establishing yourself as a leader and expert in the direct sales blogging world.