Are you wondering how you can use Pinterest to grow your direct sales business? We've gathered 10 Pinterest tips for direct sales consultants to use to grow their business.

Pinterest works for consultants in every direct sales company, yet very few consultants are actually on Pinterest — making it the perfect spot for you to stand out and get noticed.

Pinterest has become one of the hottest and most influential social media sites for marketers. Pinterest has a higher revenue-per-click than both Facebook and Twitter, and 70% of people say they go to Pinterest to get inspiration and ideas on what to buy. That all adds up to you need to be using Pinterest.

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10 Pinterest Tips for Direct Sales Consultants

  1. Setup your boards. Create boards thoughtfully and strategically, in an organized way that allows the person browsing your boards to see the flow of pins. Having too many pins jumbled together is disorganized and distracting. Put your most important boards on the top two rows, as these are “above the fold” at the top of the screen, when someone is quickly scanning your profile to see if they want to follow you.
  2. Find people to follow. One of the ways you'll get more exposure is by following the right people. You want to be following those who have a similar customer demographic and who share information your followers would find valuable.
  3. Pin. Find great pins (either by browsing the Pinterest categories, searching for a specific topic, or uploading your own content) and pin to the boards you setup. Make sure your pins include robust descriptions, including #hashtags as these will be searchable on Pinterest.
  4. Confirm the source URL. When you add or edit a pin, you can direct where that pin points. Double-check and make sure you are not pinning pins that are directed to competitors.
  5. Don't forget your business! Create product boards,  boards for your hostesses to pin ideas and recipes to, or pictures of your party guests and their product ideas or inspirations.
  6. Comment on other pinners' pins.  When you do this, you are exposing your comment to all of their followers.
  7. Setup a Pinterest tab on your Facebook page using a Woobox fanpage app, and invite your Facebook fans to follow you on Pinterest.
  8. Promote specific boards or pins on Facebook, and encourage your Facebook fans to become Pinterest followers.
  9. Use contributor boards. These are boards that are allow you to create community, by inviting others to pin on your boards. What a great way to engage with your fans, team, customers, and  followers.
  10. Let your Pinterest boards show your personality. Use a range of boards that tell people about you and your business: object association, colors, and anything else your ideal client is searching for.

Why Should You use Pinterest for your Direct Sales Business

Pinterest is a giant search engine. If you need a dinner idea where do you head? Pinterest. You type in some keywords, and hit search, and all of the sudden you have thousands of dinner options at your fingertips.

What's your ideal client looking for? Tips and tricks of your industry, the how to's and other ways to use your product. To get the answer they're going to head to Pinterest.

If you're on Pinterest, there's a chance that they'll find you! And that's the goal. To be found on Pinterest a great way to find new people, and provide them the value that they are looking for. If they continue to find you in their searches, you're building your know, like and trust to them, and so they'll be more likely to follow down the rest of your funnel, join your group or make a purchase.

Does Pinterest Lead to Sales?

Short answer, yes. Pinterest reports that sales engagement on their platform was up 20% in 2021. Which is really good news for you. So if you're selling something in your Pinterest Pin, people are out there buying.

They can't find you on Pinterest, unless you're on Pinterest.

And, while you're over on Pinterest updating your account, why not go ahead and follow us?


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