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You’ve seen them around social media: the cute little cartoon character avatar that look like the person doing funny or social things. Whether it was a custom character avatar created by a graphic designer, a free bitmoji found online, or a customizable digital pack, there are infinite uses for avatars in your social marketing.

Let’s dig in.

How to Use Your Character Avatar

Alter Ego Voice.

Your avatar can literally be an extension of your own personality. She can be funnier, sassier, edgier or quirkier than you, she might say things you wouldn’t dare say.  Adding an avatar to your personality content is a great way to add some fun and humor to your social presence, and still “look” a bit like you.

Crown 400x400 1

Seasonal or Holiday Themed.

Put a cute outfit or seasonally themed accessory on your avatar, and boom – she’s dressed for the party!

Kim 400x400 1

Shawna 400x400 1

Product Placement.

Your avatar can be an educator, share tips, wear product, or hold product in her hands.  She’s a hint of consistent personality while building your value-oriented content.  (Kelly Blavatt)

Janel 1 400x320 1

Kelly 400x400 1

Be Present When You Can’t Be.

We don’t always wake up camera-ready, #amIright. So how about using your avatar for some daily presence, when you don’t want to put your own face online. Consistency is the name of the game in social marketing!

Marci 400x400 1

Cover Graphics.

Your Facebook page and group cover graphics are valuable pieces of real estate that can be used to share information, updates, or other announcements. Use your avatar as a tour guide in those covers, to facilitate that information.  (Jen Pitney)

Jen 400x209 1

Be a 2nd Persona in Your Business.

If you are a business of one, adding an avatar as your Customer Service Assistant, Social Media Assistant, or Mermaid Assistant (!!) can help create the perception of a bigger team, and thus your business credibility.

Stacy2 400x400 1

Heather 400x400 1

Social Graphics.

When she pops up around your social presence, you are building consistency of your look, aesthetic, and brand. All good things in establishing a recognizable online presence. (Kiki Vogel and Lee Anne Clarke)

LeeAnne 400x400 1

Kiki 1 400x400 1

Engagement Posts.

The goal of an avatar is to bring personality to your presence, which is all about driving engagement. Have your character ask the occasional questions, and participate in the discussion!

Cheryl 400x400 1


Sometimes you just need to post announcements about your business. Your alter-ego-personality-assistant is perfect for this type of communication. (Holly Isaacson and Jennifer Hentz)

Jennifer 400x400 1

Wanda 400x400 1

All the graphics in this post were made by independent business owners using the same kit, but there are a ton of different kits out there. Find one that matches your personality and see what you can create today!


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