So, you’ve joined your direct sales company and you’re excited and ready to get started. Your first step? Branding. And, more importantly, branding consistency. People often underestimate the importance of branding consistency in direct sales and just how important consistent branding is when you’re learning how to be successful with direct sales.

Direct sales is no longer the “bored housewife turned sales party planner of the Midwest” industry that it has become known for. It is a retail channel used by some of the top brands in the world. However, learning how to stand out in direct sales still proves to be a challenge for some consultants.

In this episode, Brenda talks about the importance of branding consistency in direct sales and across social media and offers tips to help you achieve it.

Branding Consistency in Direct Sales and Social Media

Hey guys it’s Brenda Ster from Sassy Suite.

We help direct sellers not be spammy in their business with their social marketing.

So hey all month of April we’ve been talking about design and style and branding. So now let’s go ahead and put all these pieces together. How do we make your branding look consistent across your social presence? How do you make it look consistent across your channels?

Now this is where we start to put all these little elements together and we say “okay you’ve chosen your colors, you’ve decided out your narrative, you’ve looked at your fonts, you’ve chosen some design elements or some objects for consistency…” now you start to use them in your assets.

So every time you make graphics, you’re using elements from your own design board. Every time you post any written copy anywhere, you’re using the same elements of your tone and your emotional association.

You’re changing your cover photos across your facebook group or your Facebook page to match your new branding. You’re using profile pictures that are consistent across your branding.

So, when you start to put together the whole piece of your design and your branding, anywhere somebody finds you — whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest or YouTube, your logo and your design and your elements and your copy and your colors — look consistent they recognize you because they see your look, not simply the brand that you sell but your personal brand, woven across your social marketing.

So our challenge now is how do we put these pieces together? How do we make sure that your business cards and your catalogs and your stickers and your email signature and your follow-up notes and your written copy of your social assets and your Instagram posts and your Facebook posts and your blog posts all look the same? By starting with a basic style board or a design board.

Now if you have not done the Suite’s free mini-course yet on how to create your own design board, I’m gonna put the link right below this video. Make sure you grab it okay sassysuite.com/minidesignboard.


And you can get those elements all put together into one visual aesthetic so that you can start to use those across your own social marketing.

Here’s the benefit of why this works.

People are very visual. Most of us are on our phones. We’re scrolling on her phones, we’re scrolling on Facebook, we’re scrolling on Instagram…and when we see something the very first thing we recognize is our visual appeal. The visual appeal of what we’re seeing. And the more consistent your visual appeal is, the better chance you have of making a connection to someone who says, “I recognize that design. I recognize that color, that font, that look.”

Even if I don’t know exactly who she is, I recognize it.

The more recognizability you have, the better chance you have of establishing a relationship with that connection. You’re building your brand.

So, we start to weave these elements together across your channels. You really are only then using elements from your own design board. You’re using the two or three fonts, the three or four colors, the objects, the elements, the emotional tone. You’re putting these things together and creating your look. We start to weave that across all of your social content and build it into your consistency so that your social content looks like you.


So if you have not grabbed our Suite course yet called Create Your Own Design Board, it’s free — it delivers via email — and it’s an email mini-course to help you get your design set up. And you will build a gorgeous design board when you’re all done. And there’s a bunch of examples inside the course that you’ll see as we deliver it via email.

See in the suite, guys! Hope you’re having a great day!


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