Do you strive to be an organized direct seller, but you have no idea where to start? From the moment the new month starts, you're frantically trying to pull your business together. Don't even talk about tax time, and the state of your receipts. Here's some tips on how to make your business more organized.

Importance of Organization in Direct Selling

Picture this: you've just started your direct selling venture, armed with ambition and a boatload of fantastic products. You're eager to connect with customers, build relationships, and make sales. But without organization, chaos may soon ensue.

Organizing your business's various aspects is crucial because it enables you to maintain clarity amidst the whirlwind of activities involved in direct selling. When you have an organized system in place, everything falls into a harmonious rhythm.

You are better equipped to manage your time effectively, prioritize tasks efficiently, and handle customer inquiries promptly. An organized approach fosters professionalism that inspires trust among potential customers and elevates your reputation as a reliable consultant.

Benefits of Being an Organized Direct Seller

Becoming an organized direct seller comes with tremendous advantages that can significantly impact both your personal life and business success. Firstly, it allows you to streamline your operations by eliminating unnecessary clutter and enabling smooth workflow processes.

By maintaining a neat workspace and implementing efficient inventory management systems, you save precious time rummaging through piles or searching for misplaced items; instead, you can focus on what truly matters: connecting with customers and making those sales soar. In addition to saving time, being organized enhances productivity levels by reducing stress levels associated with disarrayed chaos in one's business.

A clear mind, free from the mental burden of scattered thoughts and unfinished tasks, can concentrate better on formulating effective strategies and seizing new opportunities as they arise. Moreover, organization facilitates effective teamwork and collaboration if you are part of a larger sales network, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and moving towards shared goals.

Being an organized direct seller empowers you to provide exceptional customer service. With well-maintained customer databases and streamlined communication channels, you can respond promptly to inquiries, provide personalized attention to clients' needs, and deliver a seamless shopping experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Is There Such a Thing as Being Too Organized?


Getting organized and being able to stay organized is important for setting up your direct sales business to work smoothly. But if you're the kind of person who gets caught up in trying to be perfect, then getting organized might send you down a spiral of perfectionism instead of making things run smoother.

We aren't aiming for a perfectly organized business that will take you hours every day to maintain.

We are looking for smooth and functional. If you stop making progress on your business because you're still trying to get things organized, then you've gone too far.

6 Steps to Becoming an Organized Direct Seller

Step 1: Set your Goals for the Month

Starting your month off, or ending the month before setting yourself clear goals – and then tracking those goals – can be a game changer! You are more likely to hit the goal you set if you write it down and tell other people that you have a goal.

This is where you do the math and set your sales goal, but also set some non-sales related goals. Do you want to hit a new follower count, do you want to post xx amount of times on your blog, send your customers one more email this month. These are goals to write down as well.

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Step 2: Plan Your Calendar

Look at your calendar and start your sales plan. Start by marking the days on your calendar you're not working – school trip, vacation, family time, etc. Then take the amount of money you want to make, and divide that by the number of days you're going to work that month. That will give you the amount of sales in dollar amount that you will have to make each day you're working. If you know what your average dollar amount sale is, you can divide that big dollar amount by that amount and get how many customer sales you need in a month.

This number will then help you plan how many sales activities that you need to put on your calendar. You can then work on filling your calendar with online parties, online events, in-person events and parties. You can also plan your social marketing themes and what products you're going to feature.

Planning all this ahead of time will give you more time to execute the plan, instead of coming up with a new plan every single day.

Step 3: Utilize Technology to Keep You on Track

Use a CRM, spreadsheet, planner, a social media scheduler, etc to save you time during your days to stay on your plan. There are many different aspects of your business that you can track in a CRM and automate with other programs to save you time in the day to day, but keep your balls bouncing.

You can automate your emails (follow up and newsletters), this will help you keep your contacts warm and improve your customer service. You can plan out your marketing goals and social content ahead of time so you can remain consistent on your social channels, even on days you don't feel like you can.

Make tax time easier on yourself by tracking your receipts in a program like QuickBooks, or another bookkeeping program, or hiring an accountant or bookkeeper. This can help save you time and heartache at tax time.

Step 4: Use Rewards to Keep You on Track

Once you start seeing growth in your business, whatever that looks like, you should reward yourself. Buying yourself something nice and just for you for hitting a certain goal in your business can help reinforce to yourself that you're doing the work the right way.

You have your big lofty goal, but you should also break that down into smaller, more attainable goals. You want to hit 1 million followers on Instagram by the end of the year. Great, what about this month? Start small, since Instagram is about building momentum on the platform (meaning you're not always going to go viral and gain thousands of followers in one night. Its going to be the slow growth that gets you there.)

Setting and hitting the small goals is a big deal, and you should reward yourself for hitting those goals. A new book, that new lipstick you've been eyeing, take yourself out to lunch, are all great rewards. It doesn't have to be anything BIG, but it needs to be special for you, and you alone.

Step 5: Evaluate What's Working and What's Not

Once you've gotten everything up and running, you really have to work with it inside your business for a while before you make any decisions to change tools, or goals, etc. Work with a new tool, or new goal for 6 whole months, and then take the time to evaluate what's working and what's not.

You're tracking your customers for follow-up on one tool, but you're finding it hard to do, for whatever reason, then after 6 months you'll be able to say that you really tired to learn it and get comfortable with it. You can then look for a new tool to use.

Using the 6 month rule can work on any aspect of your business, and any social platform you're on. You can begin to change your strategy on that channel, or take a step back on that channel because you can't dedicate the time that platform needs.

Step 6: Continuous Improvement through Reflection and Evaluation

Conducting regular self-assessments to identify areas of improvement

Becoming an organized direct seller is an ongoing journey, and part of that journey involves regularly assessing your own performance. Take the time to reflect on your daily routines, work habits, and overall productivity. Ask yourself questions like: Am I effectively managing my time?

Are there any areas where I consistently struggle or feel overwhelmed? By honestly evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, you can pinpoint areas for improvement.

Maybe you need to work on better prioritizing tasks or developing more efficient systems for managing paperwork. Self-awareness is key here – be honest with yourself and embrace opportunities for growth.

Soliciting feedback from customers, team members, or mentors

In addition to self-assessment, seeking feedback from others can provide valuable insights into how you can become a more organized direct seller. Reach out to your customers and ask for their opinions on their buying experience – Did they receive prompt responses to their inquiries?

Were the products packaged neatly? Customer feedback can highlight areas where you may need to streamline your processes or improve customer service.

Similarly, engaging with your team members or mentors allows you to tap into their expertise and learn from their experiences. They may have valuable suggestions on organization techniques or strategies that have worked well for them in the past.

Adjusting strategies based on insights gained from evaluation

Once you have completed self-assessments and gathered feedback from others, it's time to put those insights into action by adjusting your strategies accordingly. Use this information as a roadmap for improvement in your organizational skills as a direct seller.

If customer feedback suggests that response times need improvement, consider setting aside specific times during the day dedicated solely to responding promptly to inquiries. If team members recommend using certain software tools or apps to streamline your operations, give them a try and see how they work for you.

Remember, the goal is continuous improvement, and being open to change is crucial in this process. By conducting regular self-assessments, seeking feedback from customers and peers, and adjusting your strategies based on insights gained from evaluation, you will be well on your way to becoming an even more organized direct seller.

Remember that organization is a skill that can always be honed and refined. Embrace the opportunity for growth and improvement in your journey towards success in the direct selling industry.

Keeping all of your balls bouncing every single month is a hard task. Keeping yourself organized as a direct seller can really help make your business run smoothly, month over month. You can't measure what you don't plan.


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