Your Instagram grid — that is the grid made up of your photos that people will see on your profile — plays an integral part in your marketing strategy. So here are 7 Instagram grid layouts to inspire you as you plan your own.

Instagram is one of our favorite tools for direct sales and social media because it gives the audience a peek into our personal and professional lives in a creative and fun way. Through a blend of photographs and graphics, we can build a mosaic of our personalities to run across our Instagram feeds.

What can be more fun than that?

While most people will see an individual photo first by looking at hashtags they are interested in, many people will follow that photograph or graphic back to your profile. And it’s up to whatever they see on your profile to compel them to follow you and see more of your photos in their normal home feed. This is where you can be really strategic and map out exactly what they’re going to see once they get to your profile.

7 Instagram Grid Layouts You Can Try For Yourself

1. Similar filter and techniques.

Instagram grid layouts don’t have to be difficult or complicated to be effective. Your Instagram grid can be just as attractive and effective by using the same filters and techniques with each of your photos, or by taking your photos with similar backgrounds, to give them a consistent look and feel.

Instagram screenshot similar filter

2. The Checkerboard

A checkerboard layout consists of two themes (typically photographs and quotes) posted in alternating order to give your feed a checkerboard look. You don’t have to use quotes to create the checkerboard effect, you can also use photographs, colors, and filters.

Instagram Screenshot checkerboard grid

3. Columns

The column Instagram grid layout is another popular one among marketers using two or three themes. Rather than alternating the themes to create a checkerboard effect, the graphics are posted every third so that they create a column pattern. Like the checkerboard, popular themes are quotes and photographs, but you can create your column effect by using different effects, colors, and filters if you didn’t want to post quotes.

Instagram Screenshot column grid

4. Horizontal

Horizontal Instagram grid layouts are done by grouping photos or graphics into groups of three. Those are then posted to Instagram back to back before changing to the next group or theme, making a pattern of horizontal stripes across your Instagram grid.

Instagram Screenshot Horizontal grid

5. Rainbow Effect

The Rainbow Effect Instagram grid will require a bit more planning than the Instagram grid layouts listed above. So if you’re the type that works better with days or weeks of planning out your content, then this may be the grid for you. To achieve the Rainbow Effect, group your graphics and photos into colors and post them one color at a time. The overall effect is a stunning and colorful display on your Instagram profile that looks much more difficult to achieve than it actually was.

Instagram Screenshot Rainbow Effect Grid

6. One image spanning over multiple posts

This always makes for a stunning profile, to see that image blown out over the course of several posts. Creating this layout is easier than it looks. Simply create your graphic as or photograph and divide it into 9 or 12 smaller pieces. Then be sure to post these pieces in reverse-order so that as they are uploaded they reveal your eye candy. In the news feeds and hashtag feeds, the individual pieces of the puzzel create a mysterious effect – people often tap on them to see if there is more information, and then get the surprise and awe of seeing the entire image in all its glory spread out over your profile feed.

Instagram Screenshot one image over multiple posts grid

7. One background image with several other images on top

This Instagram grid is done using the same technique as the reveal image above, except that the image spanning across multiple posts is actually a background image rather than a focal point. Using your favorite graphics editing software, create the background image and place your other images on top of it, in the order you would like them to appear. You can also fill in with different quotes, logos, and other design elements to give your profile more life. Then, split the images up and upload them to Instagram in reverse order. Unlike the single image listed before, the individual pieces of this type of grid will not create a mystery effect. Instead, each square within the grid is able to stand on its own, making it fit nicely into hashtag and news feeds when it doesn’t have the rest of the grid to help put it together. But the effect when someone sees the grid in its entirety is no less stunning.

Instagram Screenshot one image as a background with other images on top

8. Bonus Layout!! The puzzle!!

The Puzzle Instagram grid layout probably looks the most complicated. And it definitely requires the most strategy and forethought. But the technique is very similar to the other Instagram Grid layouts that start with one big image and later splits into multiple posts. The puzzle grid does not use a background image, and instead makes use of the whitespace to draw attention where you want it. Like the background image with smaller images on top, each post within the Puzzle grid looks nice on its own, but when you see them all together on an Instagram profile, the overall effect is stunning.

Instagram Screenshot Puzzle Grid

Ready to plan out your Instagram grid?

Each of the Instagram grid layouts described here take a bit of strategy and forethought, but strategy and forethought are what’s going to drive your business anyway.