You have a great big dream for your future. But how are you going to get there? It’s not enough to know what you want. You have to figure out how to get what you want. If your dream is a bonfire, then your goals are the oxygen that feeds it. It’s that important to have goals. Here are seven reasons why it is important to have goals.

7 Reasons why it is Important to Have Goals

1. Goals give you motivation

Setting goals gives you a surge of motivation. It’s all psychological: we love targets and we love to hit those targets. Once you set your goal, that’s exactly what you’ve given yourself: a target. Something to aim for. Goals give you numbers to shoot for and deadlines to strive for. And the excitement of hitting those targets help spur you on in a positive spiral of motivation and inspiration.

2. Goals help relieve stress

This might seem a bit like an oxymoron, especially since so many people feel stress when they are up against a deadline. But in reality, having concrete goals can help relieve stress by setting up your expectations. And if you’ve established realistic goals that challenge you to grow but are not completely out of your reach, then having that roadmap can be a blessing. That deadline can become a source for yet more inspiration rather than anxiety because you know exactly how you’re going to get there.

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3. Goals help you kick procrastination

There are millions of people who will claim that they always do their best work at the last minute, under all the pressure of that deadline. Whether their right or not, it’s that deadline that is helping them to stop procrastinating and get stuff done. For the majority of us, it’s important to have goals because the desire to reach them faster is enough to overcome any procrastination that might try to sneak in.

This is because setting that goal also sets up the expectation that you are going to hold yourself accountable to get it done and accomplish that goal.

4. Goals give you focus

By outlining your goals, you are able to live and work more intentionally. Everything you do brings you closer to accomplishing that goal. And with each new accomplishment, you know you are drawing closer and closer to that dream of yours. Having those goals also makes it easier for you to push distractions out of your way so you can focus on what you’re doing to build your dream.

5. Goals give you aim

Have you ever felt like you were asked to throw a dart while blindfolded? Trying to build your dreams without first setting up your goals is a lot like trying to hit a target while blindfolded. Even if you know the general direction in which you should throw, the chances of you hitting your target are drastically reduced by that blindfold.

6. Goals save you time

Has this ever happened to you? You spend day in and day out working hard. Not just lazily scrolling through social media, but actually working your business. Countless hours over months or even a year spent working only to find yourself no closer to your dream than you were before? And then someone introduces you to something – a tool or a group or a concept – and you think to yourself if only I’d known about this sooner. We’re here to tell you: goals are that tool.

Setting your goals out now as a roadmap to your dream will help you find the tools and establish the systems to accomplish them, thus saving you time and keeping you from feeling like you need to start over again later on when something didn’t work.

7. Goals give you something to measure

It’s important to have goals because having goals gives you something to measure. You’ll be able to see how much progress you’ve made as well as make adjustments when you see yourself getting too far off course.


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