Why should you be bothered with trying to find the best holiday hashtags? Wouldn’t just hashtagging the name of the specific holiday you celebrate be enough?

Of all the tools you could use to increase your reach and your brand awareness, hashtags have got to be one of the most versatile.

That’s right, hashtags.

Most people don’t think of hashtags as a tool. They tend to think of them as fun little quips you place at the end of a Tweet or an Instagram post. But, these fun little quips actually do a lot:

  • They help social platforms categorize and sort your content.
  • They help new people with similar interests find you.
  • They help you build a community around your brand.
  • They even allow you to start or join a conversation.

Yep, not bad for such a tiny tool, right?

But like any tool, there is a right way and a wrong way to use them. And learning a proper hashtag strategy can have a huge impact on your business.

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75 Best Holiday Hashtags to Explode Your Campaign Reach This Year

Holidays / Holiday Season

  1. #holidayseason
  2. #holidays
  3. #holiday
  4. #winter
  5. #happyholidays
  6. #tistheseason
  7. #holidayspirit
  8. #holidaydecor
  9. #holidayfun
  10. #family
  11. #corporategifts
  12. #december
  13. #kwanzaa
  14. #boxingday


  1. #christmas
  2. #merrychristmas
  3. #tistheseason
  4. #christmasdecor
  5. #xmas
  6. #christmasspirit
  7. #christmastree
  8. #santa
  9. #christmastime
  10. #christmaslights
  11. #santaclaus
  12. #happybirthdayjesus


  1. #chanukah
  2. #hanukkah
  3. #menorah
  4. #jewish
  5. #hanukah
  6. #bedsideglow
  7. #dreidel
  8. #seasonalcandles
  9. #candleglow
  10. #candlelover
  11. #tincandles
  12. #bedsideglowcandles


  1. #shopping
  2. #christmasshopping
  3. #holidaysavings
  4. #xmasdeal
  5. #xmasdeals
  6. #xmasoffer
  7. xmasoffers
  8. #onlineshopping
  9. #wishlist
  10. #present
  11. #presents
  12. #stockingstuffer
  13. #stockingstuffers
  14. #shopsmall
  15. #gifts


  1. #holidayeats
  2. #homemade
  3. #christmasfood
  4. #holidaymenu
  5. #christmasdinner
  6. #christmasrecipes
  7. #christmasfood
  8. #candycane
  9. #candycanes

New Years

  1. #happynewyear
  2. #newyears
  3. #newyears2020
  4. #newyearseve
  5. #newyearsday
  6. #newyearsday2020
  7. #newyearsresolution
  8. #newyearresolutions
  9. #newyeargoals
  10. #resolution
  11. #2020
  12. #newyearsale
  13. #newyeardeals

Tips for Using these Hashtags

Before you go and start adding all of these hashtags into your posts, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

First, make sure that the hashtags you choose to use are relevant to your post. Don’t just throw a hashtag in there because it’s popular. If it doesn’t fit with your post, it won’t matter that it’s one of the best holiday hashtags or that it’s so popular, it will feel inauthentic to the people who see the post and they won’t engage with it.

It’s far more important to show your post to the right people than it is to show your post to all the people.

Also, hashtags are but one tool to be used for your Instagram marketing strategy. You’ll still need to put together a solid plan to gain Instagram followers.

And, don’t forget to take advantage of Instagram Stories. You can even add your hashtags into your stories to help increase your reach and engage with a new audience there.

With the right hashtags, the possibilities are endless.

Where Else Can you Find Good Hashtags?

Best-hashtags is a great site for finding popular hashtags that tend to get a lot of engagement.

To use, simply add in your keyword, and it will pull up a list of hashtags related to that keyword (it will even tell you the potential reach of some of them).

This is a great starting point.

From there, do your homework and research each hashtag to see how it fits in with your brand, your post, and whether or not your ideal client connects with it.

Keywords versus Hashtags

As the years have gone on hashtags have been deemed less important as far as Instagram and TikTok are concerned. You can still use them because people still follow hashtags, but the platforms are focusing more on Keyword search and less on hashtags.

Do all these things and your engagement (and your reach) is sure to explode this holiday season.


Brenda Ster sitting at her desk with her phone in one hand in between "ripped" pieces of graphic with the words 75 hashtags to use during the holiday season for the blog post 75 Best Holiday Hashtags to Explode Your Campaign Reach This Year

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