Looking for hashtags for Saint Patrick’s Day that might be good to use, but tired of seeing all the same ones and hoping to find some new ones?

Having a strong Instagram marketing strategy can help you stand out in creative ways without having to break the bank. But a strong presence on Instagram means using strong hashtags.

So what hashtags do you want to use? I recommend using a mix of hashtags and keywords of all sizes to help make sure you are growing and seen. Smaller hashtags move slower and are easy to rank in, allowing your content to grow within the smaller audience before it starts competing against some of the larger hashtag groups.

How many hashtags should you choose? The sweet spot for engagement is anywhere from 4 to 9 hashtags; but if you want to maximize your reach, you should aim to use 26 to 30 hashtags — just make sure they are all relevant to your post and to you. Don’t throw in a trending hashtag if it has nothing to do with your post simply because you want to try to get your post seen.

Your post will be seen, and it will be ignored. The complete opposite of what you’re trying to do.

So, all that said, and you’re probably looking to get some content running for Saint Patrick’s Day, right? It is right around the corner after all. So here you go: 77 hashtags of various sizes that can be used for your Saint Patrick’s Day posts. Pick and choose as many (or as few) as you like, throw in some branded hashtags, and you are (pot-o-)golden.

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Micro Hashtags for Saint Patrick’s Day (100 – 1,000)

Micro hashtags are easy to rank for because not a lot of people are using them. The downside is that not a lot of people are searching for them, so if you use too many, you could accidentally restrict your own reach.

Try not to let your micro hashtags take up more than a quarter of the total hashtags you’re using.

1. #TiedUpInANiceRainbow

2. #SoCloverIt

3. #IrishIWasInBed

4. #ItsGettingGoldInHere

5. #AintOverTillItsClover

6. #KeepCalmLeprechaun

7. #LepreGone

8. #DublinOverInLaughter

9. #LeprechaunDoIt

10. #LeprechaunDoAttitude

11. #ComeOnClover

12. #GreenOnTheme

13. #WeAGreen

14. #PaddyAllDay

15. #ProneToShenanigans

16. #IrishIHadPizza

17. #ShamrockinGoodTime

18. #IrishYouAHappyStPatricksDay

19. #IrishUponAStar

20. #LuckyAndCharming

21. #ILepreCantEven

22. #LetsPaddy

23. #IBelieveInLeprechauns

24. #LeprechaunsMadeMeDoIt

25. #DublinTheFun

26. #ItsGoldInHere

27. #DontPressYourLuck

28. #LookingForAPotOfGold

29. #IBeLeafInYou

30. #InstaStPatricksDay

31. #ShamrockShootout

32. #PleaseDontPinchMe

Small Hashtags for Saint Patrick’s Day (1,000 – 10,000)

Small hashtags have a little larger following than micro hashtags, but still aren’t widely searched for. They are easy to rank for in comparison to the larger hashtags, and more people are searching for them than the micro hashtags.

Try to limit your small hashtags to no more than a quarter of your total hashtag list on any post.

33 #LuckyImInLove (Jason Mraz, “Lucky”)

34. #IPinchBack

35. #StPatricksDayShenanigans

36. #GreenOOTD

37. #DontStopBeLeafin

38. #ZeroLucksGiven

39. #MyFourLeafClover

40. #LookingForRainbows

41. #StPatricksDayFashion

42. #StPatricksDayStyle

43. #ShamrockAndRoll

44. #IrishYouWereBeer

45. #GetYourIrishOn

46. #IrishYouWereHere

47. #ShamrockSocialClub

48. #LookingForGold

49. #Shamrocked

50. #UnBeLeafAble

51. #ShesSoLucky (Britney Spears, “Lucky”)

52. #GreenMode

53. #ShamrockOn

54. #ShakeYourShamrocks

55. #SeeingGreen

Popular Hashtags for Saint Patrick’s Day (10K – 100K)

Now we’re getting into the popular hashtags: those hashtags with a decent amount of people looking for them and larger competition.

This is where you want the majority of your hashtags on each post to come from.

56. #UpAllNightToGetLucky (Daft Punk, “Get Lucky”)

57. #WearingGreen

58. #IrishJig

59. #LuckBeALady (Frank Loesser, “Luck Be A Lady”)

60. #GreenIsMyColor

61. #StPatsDay

62. #StPatricksDayParade

63. #BangersAndMash

64. #ShamrockShuffle

65. #MyLuckyCharm

Large Hashtags for Saint Patrick’s Day (100K+)

66. #ShamrockShake

67. #StPats

68. #Shamrocks

69. #IrishPride

70. #PotOfGold

71. #LuckyCharm

72. #Leprechaun

73. #LuckOfTheIrish

74. #Shamrock

75. #LuckyCharms

76. #HappyStPatricksDay

77. #Lucky

And, of course, don’t forget to include my #PaintTheSuiteGreen hashtag — a fun day-long Instagram challenge I hold every year with my Suite Communities.

Hashtags and Keywords

As the years have gone on, the platforms have shifted focus from hashtags to keywords and keyword searching. While hashtags will still help you show up in searches, don’t forget to lean into your keywords in your captions. You will get shown in a ‘related’ post on the Instagram feed to others not following you as well.

#EmpowerSocial (no, no, this isn’t part of the list… it’s my mission statement. But while you’re on Instagram, go ahead and follow it. And, who am I kidding? Go ahead and follow me, too).

Brenda Ster sitting at her desk holding her phone in both hands with the words Hashtags to use for St Patrick's day post on instagram or tiktok for the blog post 77 Hashtags for Saint Patrick's Day that Will Have you Seeing Green

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