So, there you are, talking to your best friend about your company and how much you love your new life as a direct seller, and she asks you if you think she would enjoy selling as well…

And you say yes, of course!

Because you have the best of intentions and while you are trying to build your direct sales team, you also adore the idea of being about to show her the ropes so to speak.

In fact, not just her, but there are others, too. There are promises you made your direct sales team about how much fun they're going to have, how much knowledge you're going to impart, and how many resources you're going to be able to share with them.

And those aren't the only promises you made your direct sales team. You also talked about how collaborative and supportive your team group is and how easy every thing is for them to find.

You made promises based on all the values you hold dear as a direct sales consultant and as a team leader. Now it's time to make sure you are actually following through with them.

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This is easier said than done.

Yeah, I said it: it can be hard to keep all the promises you made to your direct sales team! Even promises that you hold dear.

Things happen, life gets in the way, we get busy—you already know all the things that might make it hard for you to keep your promises. But these are promises you cannot break if you want your team to trust you and continue growing with you.

If one of your values and one of your promises was that you were going to build a library of resources that your team members could use, make sure you are building that library of resources. If you promised to be the kind of leader who would listen to them, teach them, guide them, then do all of those things.

Too many direct sellers out there promise to be a motivating leader, like a “big sister” in direct sales. They treat their leads as someone special, and then as soon as those leads join their team and become new direct sellers, These leaders disappear: off to find the next lead and build their team.

If you’re promising to treat them like family, don’t check up on someone right at the end of the month just because they haven’t met their sales goal yet. Do you like it when a family member only ever calls to let you know that you haven’t reached your full potential yet? That’s what that feels like.

If you promised that your team was going to be a tight knit community that could lean on each other for help, then make sure there are opportunities that allow them to do this. Give your artist opportunities to teach your team how to make graphics. Give your copywriter opportunities to teach people how to write sales posts.

Remember that in your team, it’s not about you: it’s about your values and the team you’re trying to build. If you don’t see one of your values being reflected inside your team yet, then it’s time to reflect back on that value and decide how you can bring it in.


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