About The Elite Suite

The Elite Suite is an online marketing company that teaches direct sales consultants and network marketers how to build their direct sales business through online marketing and social media. The Elite Suite is best known for its library of resources and classes and its thriving Facebook community.

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We help direct sales consultants provide for their families and free up more time by creating their businesses online.

Meet Brenda Ster, Founder of The Elite Suite

Brenda Ster, online marketing for direct sales

When I started in direct sales, I struggled because the marketing tactics my upline and my company were telling me to do didn't feel right. I knew I couldn't make my business work if it didn't feel right, so I had to find another way.

That's when I discovered relationship marketing—marketing strategies that didn't rely on "hey hun" and cold messaging to friends I hadn't seen in years. Instead, I could be myself and sell a product I loved. And that is what you'll learn in the Elite Suite.

Brenda Ster, Founder

The Elite Suite is a Multi-channel Community Experience Designed to Meet You Where You're At:

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The Elite Suite Learning Platform

Learn everything you need to know about running a successful business with our library of courses.

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The Elite Suite Community Group

Network with other direct sales consultants from around the world in our exclusive community.

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The Elite Suite Office Hours

Grab a working lunch and come to office hours to hear updates and get your questions answered.

Our Consultants Are Awesome:

The Elite Suite helps direct sales consultants from all over the world build their businesses online so they can reach new customers and save time all without the stress of having to learn it all on their own.

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