What do you do after the Direct Sales Success Summit is over?

Last week was a monumentally epic virtual event – the first ever Direct Sales Success Summit.

27 sessions over five days, 21 amazing speakers, pages and pages of notes, ideas, and action plans to directly affect social marketing success of your direct sales business.

It’s really easy to leave an event like this on a high. Totally motivated to get moving, excited about the ideas and potential of what your business can be. Those of you who were able to attend are leaving the summit filled with inspiration and gusto — ready to take on the world, rock your businesses, and dominate social media. And there’s good reason for that. The summit was intentionally filled with the motivational speeches and the educational workshops to help you rock your business.

And then you get back into daily life and routine, and all those ideas suddenly seem overwhelming. Where do you start first? How do you organize those thoughts into actions?

Most of us know exactly why we need to invest in training, conventions, virtual summits, and personal development events.

It’s trying to figure out what to do after a big summit that gets a bit tricky.

Like so many other tools, it’s what you do with it that matters. Getting to the summit was just step one. What you do once you’re back home and sitting in front of your own desk and in front of your own computer is just as important as being present at the summit where you learned all the things.

And this goes for any convention that you might be attending, not just after the direct sales success summit or any virtual conventions your own company have coming up in the next few months. There are several conventions happening all year round that you might benefit from. Use these same tips to help you remember the things you’ve learned, implement the things you need, and be better prepared to return to the next convention a year later.

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7 Tips to do After the Direct Sales Success Summit to Help you Maximize your Experience

  1. Get some rest. People, speakers, note-taking, sitting in front of a computer for hours and hours conventions can be exhausting. Make sure you get the rest you need so you can look at everything with fresh eyes as you start putting together your plans and strategies.
  2. Review and organize your notes right away. No matter what system you use for taking notes, go through them and get them organized and right away. If you use a digital system like Evernote, make sure you index your notes to make them searchable. If you prefer pen and paper, try color-coding the pages. Reorganizing your notes in this fashion will help make sure you’re taking the time to absorb everything you’ve written, and your brain will start working on building cross-references in your mind to keep you from forgetting anything. This will also give you a chance to sift through anything you may not need (gasp) or that might not necessarily work for you and your business. Remember — keep what works and discard the rest. You don’t need to do all the things.
  3. Organize into Do Now, Do Soon, Do Later. This is a basic system for task prioritization.
    • Do Now tasks are things you can immediately implement that don’t require a lot of other subtasks or organization, and can make an immediate impact on your business. For example “I want to change how I ask for bookings, using Yes-Yes questions. I can write and memorize this script quickly, and implement immediately.”
    • Do Soon activities are those that are near term activities or projects that require some organization or dependencies, but can be implemented without major overhaul of your business objectives. This might include something like “I need to refine my content plan, to focus more on community building” or “I need to adjust my Tailwind scheduling for my Pinterest pins.”
    • Do Later are the broad strategies of where you want your business to go. This may require broader projects such as “I need to organize my strategy and plan to get on YouTube” or “I need to build my branding strategy.” It will take time, focus, and planning to implement these broader improvements into your business. Start the planning now, so the tasks are part of your near and mid term improvement activities.
  4. Organize your calendar. Once you’ve done Do Now, Do Soon, Do Later prioritization and organization, note your calendar for future weeks months to come back and look at your notes. This may just be a reminder task to “Check Summit notes.” Don’t simply stick your notes on a shelf, never to be reviewed again. The knowledge and excitement in your notes is what is going to propel you forward.
  5. Check in with your new networking buddies!! Form groups, chit-chat, get on Marco Polo and ask each other questions. Exchange notes. These are entrepreneurs, just like you, who went to the Direct Sales Success Summit to learn something. They make for the perfect accountability partners. And chances are, they picked up on something you missed and vice versa. So get together and fill in the gaps. And make sure you keep that relationship growing through the year. Keep each other updated on your progress, goals, and plans.
  6. Pass on your new knowledge. We talk about abundance mindset all the time at the Suite. Take everything you’ve learned over the weekend and start sharing it. Share it with your team, your downlines, your uplines…anyone who might benefit from learning. The point of any event is to get the knowledge out into the industry, not keep it a secret. So, as you head out to conquer the world, be sure to pause and teach someone else how you’re going to do it.
  7. Offer feedback. Every good event only wants to get better. Let the organizers know what worked well, what didn’t work out so well, what they could improve on, what new features you would like to see the next year. There’s no guarantee that all your advice will be implemented, but it will all be considered.
  8. Bonus Tip — Get ready for the next virtual event!!  Is your company having a virtual convention, conference, or event this summer? You can read up on how to talk about your next convention without annoying your followers here.


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