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We love a good online party, but hosting Facebook parties isn’t without risks. Which is why we also love Sqweee.

Sqweee is a virtual event venue designed by direct sellers for direct sellers, offering a whole new way to sell your company’s products through online events without worrying about the dreaded Facebook jail!

Sqweee Parties or Facebook Parties

With a Facebook event, your guests have access to the event once they RSVP they are attending. As the consultant, you want to start your pre-party posts right away to build excitement for a party. On Sqweee, an event is more similar to an in-home event and the party doesn’t start until it actually starts, so there is no need for pre-party posts.

With a Facebook event, your hostess can invite every single person she knows without ever reaching out to them personally. Mass inviting her 500 closest friends without a personal invitation will result in 500 people completely ignoring the invitation. With Sqweee, guests are sent a link to the private event. The invitations won’t end up in an ignored Facebook notification.

With a Facebook event, you don’t receive any information about your guest before the party. But with Sqweee, the guests can opt-in to receive an email reminder about the party and you’ll receive their email address.

In a Facebook party, guests have to remember which product they liked, which can be tricky if you have a large catalog of products. But with Sqweee, guests can “favorite” products during the event and once the event ends, they will receive a list of the items they favorited, along with the link to purchase.

In a Facebook party, it can be a challenge to keep all the guests on the current post. Latecomers may be back on an old post while you’re trying to keep the party moving ahead. With Sqweee, you can lock the posts, so everyone in the party only sees the current post. Once the party is over, you can unlock the posts so they can go through all the posts they missed.

Whether your partying on Facebook or Sqweee, having a good mix of graphics, videos, and games is important to your overall success. Sqweee makes it easy to upload videos or graphics and you can even broadcast live into the event using YouTube. Plus, Sqweee comes loaded with polls and two games for fun interaction.

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How do Online Parties Work?

Instead of gathering in someone’s home, you all gather in a single place online. Whether that be Facebook or Sqweee or another place online, you’re all there together in real time interacting together for the purpose of having a great time with friends and learning more about your product.

Sqweee helps you do just that, on another platform that is not Facebook, keeping you, your hostess, and their guests out of Facebook Jail, and gives you a little bit more control. There are pros and cons to every platform you use to throw an online party, you have to find the ones that are worth it to you to try with your hosts and their guests. That’s the best party about being independent, you can do what is best for you!

If you’re an online partier, give Sqweee a try. Sign up here to get a 25% discount off the first 6 months of a monthly plan or 10% discount off the first year of an annual plan, then enter SassySuite as who referred you.


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