The root of success in attraction marketing is in trying to recreate the in-person relationship.

Take a look at some of these examples:

  • Would you walk up to a stranger on the street and drag them into your house? No. (At least not without being accused of kidnapping).
  • Would you walk into a room of 1000 strangers and yell, “Who wants to buy my stuff?” No.
  • Would you walk up to a stranger and start crying that you can't give away any prizes because not enough people bought from you this week? No.
  • If you ran into someone in the store you haven't seen in 10 years, would the first thing out of your mouth be, “Hey, want to try my product?” No.
  • Would you tell people to go ahead and set up all their store signs on your lawn and everyone in your neighborhood could contact them if they want? No.

Yet even though these are things most sane people would never consider doing in person, far too many seem to think that it's okay to do these things when we're online.

Many seem to forget basic social etiquette when engaging online.

I would challenge everyone to consider how you engage in person and try to recreate that with your online contacts. Warm chatter and engagement with your friends, offering value to others before seeking it, and focusing on the relationship first and sale second.

Many consultants say that they usually see higher sales in person. And this is exactly the reason why — the in-person, relationship focused value. That ability to engage, chat, ask questions, get to know, socialize.

The goal should be to translate that into an online environment.

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Ten Benefits of Attraction Marketing in Direct Sales

  1. Make sales. This is probably the biggest benefit – and since this is what we're all after, we can start here. Even if you think you're doing okay with sales without attraction marketing – I bet you're leaving money on the table. Attraction marketing can boost your sales over time significantly.
  2. Build and maintain relationships. Attraction marketing works because it places the focus on respecting your relationships with your friends and family rather than exploiting them. Your ideal clients will stick around and listen to what you have to say because you respect and value their presence – not because you want to sell them something.
  3. Build a massive email list. Because you're using methods that attract your ideal clients to you rather than merely talking at everyone you meet, they will be more likely to sign up for your email list.
  4. Build trust. Because you're always putting the relationship first, your friends, family, and ideal clients will trust you when it comes to any recommendations. And also, they won't ignore your messages when you try to contact them about something.
  5. Build a brand. As you get deeper into attraction marketing, you'll find new ways in how your personality and voice help you stand out from the rest of the consultants who all sell the same products. This is the start of your own personal brand, and will make a huge difference in your business down the road.
  6. Build a real audience on social media. Too many consultants rely on like-for-like methods or trading follows to build an audience on social media. But these likes and followers are empty because they aren't your ideal clients and aren't people who will ever buy from you (probably). Attraction marketing solves this by bringing your ideal clients to your social media presence so they will like, follow, and engage with you.
  7. Empowers and inspires. Attraction marketing makes it easy for you to continually motivate and inspire the people around you, which in turn makes them want to hang out around you even more. Maybe even join your team!
  8. Diversity your techniques and build a system that works for you. Do you prefer Twitter over Facebook? Are you a blogger? Would you rather hang out on Instagram? There is no wrong way to do attraction marketing. There is just knowing where your ideal client is, knowing what they're looking for, and building a system that helps you deliver that.
  9. Inexpensive. One of the best things about attraction marketing is that it doesn't take a lot of money to get started. Choose your platforms, build your strategy, and carry it through with consistency. Of course, as time goes by, you may need to make strategic investments to make sure your business is able to grow with you, but you can get pretty far before you have to bother paying for anything.
  10. Optimism. Attraction marketing has a way of helping you see the best in your business, even on days when you're struggling. And we all have those days when we struggle. However, in much the same way as it empowers and inspires the people around you, attraction marketing can do the same for you, too.

But isn't Attraction Marketing Slow?

It is true that the spam-wagon is faster than building trust with attraction marketing. And when you're staring at the long end of bills that need paying, waiting for attraction marketing to kick in can feel uncertain and even scary.

But, as you'll soon see, faster isn't always better.

This is why the spammy, icky tactics seem to prevail: they seem like they skyrocket your business. You're making money, your getting sales and getting parties.

But here's the problem with the spam-wagon: eventually the wheels are going to fall off. If you're constantly following a spammy strategy of posting to your personal timeline and only contacting people when you want them to buy or host a party for you, then eventually you will burn through your friends and family and they will stop trusting you.

And once that happens, it's a very fast trip out of business.

Attraction marketing may be slower to take off, but by laying down those foundations of trust and relationship-building, you'll find it is much more sustainable and will have long-term success.

Someone recently said, “but you don't sell a lot.” Oh friend, if you don't think we sell? Then we are doing our job 100% right.


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