What does authenticity in marketing mean to your brand? On the surface, we all know authenticity denotes integrity, honesty, and transparency. But what does that mean for your brand? And more importantly, how does that apply to your marketing strategy?

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Authenticity in Marketing for Direct Sellers

Here are some ideas on what authenticity in marketing means to people:

  • This is really about just being yourself. No one wants fake friends. We don’t want advice from fake people either.
  • Integrity is a big deal for me.
  • When I recommend something, I want my audience to know I put a lot of thought and research into it and think it really is the best choice.
  • No one wants to talk solely to a robot. They want some acknowledgement. Conversations help with that.
  • If you’re being the real you, your ideal client will come to you.
  • If you’re changing who you are to match what you think people want, you’re not doing anyone any favors.

People want to do business with people. You’re more likely do business with a friend or someone you know then a stranger. And everyone starts off as a stranger online. You show them your authentic self through your story, your personality, and what kind of value you offer them, the followers. Your online voice should be as close as you are in person. You don’t want to have to become a different person just to do a video. It might be fun at first but it will soon be hard to maintain.

People also want to see results in real time. So when you’re showing them the value of your product, show them how it will help them. Will it make their lives easier? Show them how. Will it give some sort of instant result? Show them a quick demo. People want to see the results with out any time passage. The internet is full of fakes. You’ll have to build a relationship to show them you’re not pulling the wool over their eyes.

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How else to Build Authenticity

You make a commitment to your customers to show up with some sort of consistency, and with the same message each time. You show up when its easy for you to maintain, but you keep that schedule. If its everyday? Then you need to continue to show up everyday, with the same message everyday.

Your topic can change. If your featuring a certain product, or a certain benefit, then it should be different. But the value and messaging should not change. Say you’re talking about how much time it’ll save you. Then when you’re showcasing a product you need to also make mention about how it’ll save them time.

Every time you show up to your customers with the same message, the same story, that’s when they’ll know that they can trust you. When they trust you, you’ve got to continue to prove you’re deserving of that trust.

Remember be true to yourself and you’ll never have to worry about not being authentic a day in your business.

Authenticity in Marketing: Chat Summary


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