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I know, I know… I’m the first person to tell you to stop calling your business a side hustle. And that is a very important mindset shift to make, but that doesn’t mean you can actually work your direct sales business full time.

Sometimes, you just don’t have the hours in the day you need. So, even though you need to think of and treat your direct sales business as a business, you still only have enough time to work as though it’s a side hustle.

And that means, if you want your business to work, you have to get efficient.

Listen to this episode for tips and examples on how you can batch your work and maximize your efficiency so you’re not spending full-time-hours on a part-time business.

Batching Your Work To Maximize Your Efficiency

A lot of people who are in direct sales, in fact, I would dare say most people in direct sales are probably part timers. They have full time jobs, full time kids, full time lives, and their business fits in around the edges. Nothing wrong with that it just means we have to smart with the time that we DO have.

You need to be as efficient as possible, because you don’t have a whole lot of time laying around to do all these extra administrative tasks. What I want to talk about today is batching your tasks, batching your work for optimal efficiency.

Now, what does batching mean exactly?

The idea of batching your work is the idea of doing one thing, a lot of one thing, all at one time. So if I’m sitting down to make graphics, instead of just taking 10 minutes to make one graphic, maybe I take a half an hour and make 20 graphics or 10.

If I’m going to sit down and write one thank you note, I’ll maximize my time and write 10 thank you notes at one time. If I’m going to be doing follow up, or writing customer service emails — rather than sitting down to do one email, I sit down and I do 10 emails at one time. I’m batching my work to create efficiency and the reason this works is because we don’t have the stop, start, stop, start, stop, start.

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How Batching Saves Time

If I sit down to make graphics, for example: I have to open up the graphics tool, I have to find my quotes, I have to format my graphics, I have to build it on screen, I have to put my font and choose my colors.

But if I’m going to make five more graphics at the same time, for future use on Instagram or Facebook or Pinterest and I’ve already got the program open, I’ve already got the shell created, I’ve already got my colors and my fonts — I’ve already grabbed my watermark on screen; I’ll have to do is change the text, changed a little bit of the overlay.

What have I just done?

Shaved off time to be more efficient in how I’m using my, my time for this task.

So I save those extra graphics. I preschedule them into whatever tool I might be using — schedule them natively to Facebook, schedule them using CinchShare, and what have I just done? Created efficiency to be able to create capacity to do other things either in my business, or in my personal life.

So the more we can batch our work, truly sitting down and batching, is how you will gain efficiency by doing a lot of one thing at one time.

So for example, what I do when I sit down and make graphics, I make 50 graphics at a time. I make a lot of quotes and I store them on my computer or I upload them to Google Drive. Then they can be used to be scheduled on Instagram, schedule on Facebook, put into one of the Facebook groups.

I maximize my time by making a lot of graphics at one time. And then I don’t have to think about them for like three weeks, because I have content for weeks.

So this is a really valuable tip that when you start getting into your business group and you start finding the tasks that are really highly repeatable, I have to do these things regularly. The more you can batch them, the more you can pull those like tasks together, you’re going to save time and efficiency.


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