If there’s one thing we’ve learned since opening up the doors to the Socialite Suite, it’s that direct sales consultants of all types love to learn. They are constantly on the hunt for small business training, leadership tips, sponsoring techniques, and direct sales tips in general. This is how Suite SassyPants was dreamed up: to keep up with the demand for more learning opportunities after they had scooped up all of our courses.

And people are eating it up. Suite SassyPants opened its doors as a premium coaching group on January 24, 2017, and has evolved into a tight-knit community of future leaders ready to take over the direct sales world. Just take a look at a couple of our standouts proving that the best direct sales tips come from community:

Naomi Denu, Gel Moment Distributor and SassyPants Guest Coach
Naomi Denu, Gel Moment Distributor and SassyPants Guest Coach

Naomi Denu, an independent distributor for GelMoment, has been killing it on social media lately. Her branding is solid and personable because rather than using a slogan as some kind of cheesy pickup line, she is using genuine conversation to connect with and engage her audience. Naomi has also invested the time to learn about photography and graphics. In fact, one of her latest photographs on Instagram was picked up and shared by a major nail art magazine.

Naomi Denu Gelmoment Independent Distributor and SassyPants Guest Coach

Naomi has also leveraged her listing over at SassyDirect so her articles and announcements are routinely found by those searching for her products. The best part is, not only has Naomi taken this knowledge and found success in her business but she has also turned around and started helping other direct sales consultants do the same. Naomi is definitely “nailing” it as a regular guest coach in Suite SassyPants and often discusses topics related to personal branding and attraction marketing.

Nicole Caldwell Saunders, LuLaRoe Retailer and SassyPants Guest Coach
Nicole Caldwell Saunders, LuLaRoe Retailer and SassyPants Guest Coach

Nicole Caldwell Saunders is a LuLaRoe consultant who has also turned her knowledge of graphic design into a knack for matching prints and helping her customers find their own style. The articles on her blog, Saunders Says, are informative and inspiring, and they serve as the perfect venue for people to get to know her. Not to mention, her funnel is on point. Optimal search engine optimization (SEO) makes it easy for new customers to find her blog, and her blog makes it easy for people to join her community group on Facebook. She has also appeared as a guest coach in Suite SassyPants and has discussed issued related to attraction marketing and funnel strategies.

Nicole Caldwell Saunders - LLR Retailer and SassyPants Guest Coach

Nicole is also a regular user of her listing over at SassyDirect, using the microblogging service there to help promote and funnel her main blog over at Saunders Says.

Suite SassyPants is lucky to have these two direct sellers become such prominent members of our community. It’s wonderful being able to watch them grow into leaders while they also help to cultivate the leaders coming up behind them. Would you like to learn more about private coaching for your direct sales or small business? Come on over and put your SassyPants on!

Guest Coaching and Best Direct Sales Tips in Suite SassyPants

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