If you’ve been around in any of my free groups for a while, you know I am a huge believer in Big Magic for small business owners: that special little cosmic energy that brings goodness to you, as a direct seller or small business owner, when you are open to receiving it.

Big magic allows you to dance with creativity, act on your imaginations, and bring forth your own gifts. And once you join a direct sales company, it becomes a very large part of everything you do.

Call it karma, call it religion, call it the energy of the universe…whatever you call it, I believe it in my bones — in my very core.

And I live it every single day.

Here’s why Big Magic for Small Business Owners Is so Important:

As small business owners and direct sellers, much of our jobs are daily grind:

  • Tasks
  • To-dos
  • Calls
  • Paperwork
  • Emails
  • Follow-ups
  • Posts

The grind.

Mind-numbingly repetitive tasks that need to be done but ugh! Boring and tedious work, to say the least!

Then there is the part of our job that is magic.

The creativity. The people we get to interact with. The ideas, creations, moments, memories, and bravery that carries our imagination forward to what can be.

This is where Big Magic happens — when we are brave enough to declare what we want to the universe and then get out of the way long enough for the universe to say “OK, she’s ready now – let’s do this.

First step?

Declare your Big Magic.

Your big-brave-scary-terrifying-OMG-what-if-that-really-happens idea, wish, or desire.

Declare it in your heart, declare it to your spouse or best friend, whisper it in your prayers. Declare it, believe you deserve it, and let the universe get to work with you.

This is the idea that spawned the Suite Power Word a few years ago, when I challenged you to reflect on what you wanted to accomplish through the coming year and boil it down to one word. This is the word that will carry your goals, your desires, and help drive your direction.

Then, throughout the year, at ever crossroad, reflect on this word. Will the decision you’re about to make align with the mission behind this word?

Choosing your Suite Power Word pulls you into a whole new year full of possibilities and potential. It’s a way of reflecting on your ambitions and your business in a whole new way.

Why is this an important step?

Part of what makes Big Magic Big Magic is in the timing — when it will actually come to you.

When you are open to receiving it.

If you’re not ready to receive what the universe wants to send to you, then you’re never going to see it. That thing you think you want will always seem just out of reach because you’re still focusing on all the distractions.

You won’t see the Big Magic until you’re ready for it. And one of the best ways you can get ready for it is to declare the form of Big Magic you’re ready for.

What are you seeking in your business? Are you seeking growth? Patience? Stability? Consistency? Something else entirely?

Whatever it is, give it a name, then write it down somewhere where you can see it anytime you need a reminder of what you’re trying to do.

And reflect on it regularly.

Your word doesn’t need to be complex, or grand – it just needs to be meaningful and maybe a tiny bit scary. It should help you grow, and growth is always a little bit scary. But it’s doable, and every time you reflect on it through the year, you’ll realize just how much of a difference it makes in your business and in your life.

Real, tangible, let’s-do-this life.

Big Magic is coming, y’all.


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