Why is branding in imagery so important? If your company or your upline is giving you graphics to use in your marketing, why go through all the trouble of creating new graphics and visual components? Is it really important to reinvent the wheel?

Branding in Imagery for your Direct Sales Business

Even if you sell a corporate brand — even if you sell for a direct sales company — you can still have your own original voice in your social content. The goal is to incorporate your own personality, your own design aesthetic, into your imagery.

So it might be that you always use the same color palette. Maybe you love warm colors like gold or red. Maybe you love a cool palette that are more pinks and purples and aquas. The goal now is to weave those colors consistently into your design and your imagery so that when you start to make images — you make quotes, you make graphics — they start to look like you because you're always using the same basic palette.

So whether it's the consistent use of color, or it's the consistent use of two or three or four different fonts that you always use, people start to say “I recognize those! Those look like Brenda and the Suite!” You kind of recognize our graphics — they're always pink, white and black with hints gray. We always use the same three or four fonts…they always have a teeny little bit of a cheeky, funny in them. Our graphics kind of look the same.

So if you start watching branding, you start watching consistency in the brands that you follow, you'll start to see that the look can be recognized before you even know who posted the graphic. That's what we're going for, for your own personal brand.

So the way that you can start to do that in your own graphics is by incorporating some of these consistent design elements into every image that you make. So whether you're posting on your Facebook page, your Facebook group, on Instagram, whether you're putting a cover on to a Pinterest board, you're making a blog pinnable image — whatever you might be doing, you're using the same design elements to add that level of consistency to your personal look. So that all of your images have the same watermark in the same font and you're using the same three or four colors.

Little things like this will make a big impact in starting to differentiate your graphics from anybody else's.

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Why is Imagery Important to Your Personal Brand?

Now the way that you're going to stand out when you sell a Direct Sales or a multi-level marketing product is by having images that look original. And our goal is that your images are the ones that then get shared. So the more you can have that original look and not share the same graphics that everybody else is using, the better chance you have of creating that standout, authentic personally branded experience.

When you search on google for a certain direct sales brand, you'll likely find thousands of images that all look the same. The ones that catch your eye are the ones that look like all the other brand images. And you want that one to be you. When people start looking and notice how different you look, they'll notice when you show up consistently on their search items, they'll be more likely to be drawn to you. They're more likely to follow you.

You're building your know, like and trust factor without even saying a word.


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