You've built a small team. Congratulations! Now that they're here and looking for you to lead them, you may now be starting to wonder what you're going to offer them. How are you going to serve the values that you want to your team members now that they've joined you.

Let's Build a Training Plan for Your Direct Sales Team

One question I often get asked in the Suite is when do I need a Facebook group for my team? Could I use a Facebook messenger chat group for my team? How many people is too big for a chat thread?

While I cannot tell you what to do directly, I can say this: humans by nature are programmed to distrust change. So if you're just starting out I would go into this with the plan for your dream team. If you start with a Facebook messenger chat thread, you may eventually find that its hard to get everyone to join your brand new shiny Facebook team group once they've been in this chat thread for a while.

These systems are much better off being built while your team is small. You can build your systems for your vision and ask your current team members to test them out, as well as testing them out on your new team members as they join. This is where you will get real time feedback and can change things as needed.

Facebook groups can have a guide section which can make it easier to organize content. Your team members can follow each lesson and give you feedback about the flow and the content quality, (ie: if it was overwhelming or not, especially to someone new), and they're relatively easy to change around once you've made them.

Do you have to do it on Facebook? Of course not. While “everyone” has a Facebook nowadays, not everyone wants to be on Facebook. You can use email, and YouTube making YouTube videos with the content you have learned along the way and send them out to your team in a timely manner. How often is completely up to you, but you just need to be consistent with it.

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Choosing Your Content

Your content should be what you've spent lots of time learning about. Your value. If you've become the expert in the back office, then your beginning content should be about trainings about the back office. Making sure to answer any questions as they come in, and making sure your flow is good.

As time goes on, and you're continuing to watch for the themes of the questions in your team group, and your bigger team groups, you can continue to come up with more content to talk about and train your teams on. Ask your team what questions they have about the business, and use those answers as your content.

What if I Already have a Team?

If you're changing everything around to be more organized for your own sanity sake, communicate it with your team. If you are moving everything to a Facebook group, and you've always done everything by Facebook messenger, you may find that some of team may be resistant to the move. Again, humans are distrustful to change.

Overcommunicate what you're planning on doing. And be prepared to answer the same question all the time. If they've never looked at the chat thread, or they've stopped opening your emails, you're going to get questions once they finally do answer you.

You have value to give to your team. The last thing you want is for your team to not know how to receive your value. Build a training plan for your direct sales team as quickly as you can.


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