I Built A MILLION DOLLAR TEAM In Just Two Years!

(And I did it all online without dragging inventory from house to house hosting parties)

Wanna learn how I did it?

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The 3 keys to building a successful team in direct sales are:

  1. Building your brand as a trusted resource.
  2. Following a proven process that will get you results.
  3. Surrounding yourself with people who will force you to level up.

And this workshop will help you with all 3!

Learn How To Build A THRIVING TEAM Online

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What would your business look like if you could get 10 more people on your team this week?

How about 20?

Learn the secrets no one else is telling you about how to build that million dollar team without all those cheesy tricks that leave you feeling sealed.

Surrounding yourself with good people who understand you and cheer you on is scientifically proven to help you reach success faster than going it alone.

We were all sold on an idea that it would be just so easy to build a team, right?

You have friends, don’t you?

You have family who would love this, right?

Just ask everyone you know…every no is a step toward a yes!

No one really means no, they just mean “not now.”

Ask again, and again, and again…

Until your friends and your family are either on your team or decide to stop answering your messages altogether.

And what are you supposed to do you do then? How do you grow a team of dozens or even hundreds of consultants when everyone you know is on your team already?

It’s so hard to try to build a team and wondering if you just got into the game too late…only those early-joiners seem to really be able to sponsor new people.

I know it’s hard because I’ve been there.

Hi! I’m Brenda. I’m known for “breaking the mold” so to speak and skyrocketing to success in my direct sales company, but the truth is, I really struggled at first.

I struggled because there was only one way to do things and no one was around me to show me what to do when that one way didn’t work.

No one was around to assure me that what I was doing was good for me.

I was confused and overwhelmed and all alone in this new business with just one thought driving me: I had to make it work because my family needed it to work.

And I would do anything to be home with my kids when they needed me.

I didn’t set out to build a team, I set out to make a difference.

If I had it all to do over again, there is one major piece that I would change…I would start believing in my business earlier.

You see, I knew that people had a thing about direct sales. I’ve heard all the rumors, all the issues, all the cries about schemes and pyramids.

Heck, I even believed some of them for a bit!

But I still wanted to make it work.

My family needed me to make it work.

So I started sharing my opportunity with some friends and before I knew it, I was building a team.

But not just any team, I wasn’t just recruiting into the old system of direct sales.

I was building a team based on real community, transparency, and a genuine concern for seeing their dreams come true.

I didn’t just want them to join my team, I wanted to join their journey!

I wanted to see them succeed!

And thus, the Suite was born.

I am here to tell you that you can succeed in direct sales.

You can build the business of your dreams.

You can help other people build the business of their dreams.

Brenda Ster, direct sales attraction marketing coach

And that’s not all…

Attend This Workshop And You’ll Also Get:

Build and Lead Your Direct Sales Team Fast - free workshop companion workbook - ad mockup

Live coaching sessions throughout the week from direct selling expert, Brenda Ster, so you can ask questions and get real answers.

A Build + Lead Workshop workbook to help you put everything together, so you can build a thriving team based on value and leadership.

Support and accountability in an exclusive Facebook pop-up group focused on building their direct sales businesses the right way so you can network and grow.


  • Lugging inventory from party to party…
  • Wondering what to say or how to ask…
  • Fearing rejection…
  • Chasing prospects without a plan…
  • Begging friends and family…

Imagine having a system in place that allowed you to grow your team on autopilot so you can focus on what matters most.


But Don’t Take My Word For It…

Thousands of Direct Sellers From Different Companies Have Taken
My Free Workshops and Grew Their Teams in Just 1 Week:

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Jump in now! We Start September 12, 2022.

Meet Brenda Ster, Founder of The Elite Suite

Brenda Ster, Social Marketing Strategist for Direct Sellers

When I started in direct sales, I struggled because the marketing tactics my upline and my company were telling me to do didn't feel right. I knew I couldn't make my business work if it didn't feel right, so I had to find another way.

That's when I discovered relationship marketing—marketing strategies that didn't rely on "hey hun" and cold messaging to friends I hadn't seen in years. Instead, I could be myself and sell a product I loved. And that is what you'll learn in the Elite Suite.

Brenda Ster, Founder

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