Personal branding is a bit of a passion project around the Suite. We have long-believed — and advocate — that there is enough business for everyone. There are enough customer for everyone. There is no such thing as a saturated market (well, except maybe the cable business who can’t seem to keep the Internet online and stable for more than a couple hours a day). This is why we teach personal branding, to help you learn how to brand yourself and stand out from other direct sellers who are selling all the same products as you.

But what happens after you’ve built your brand? What’s the next step? Building brand awareness.

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Building Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness isn’t as hard as you think it is. Here are some quick ideas of what brand awareness is.

  • Brand awareness is simply getting potential and current customers to be able to recognize your brand and its assets
  • Knowing who my ideal client is helps direct the messaging. Down to how I write copy. What graphics are features etc.
  • Brand awareness is making yourself stand out from the other consultants!! There so many consultants out there and you want to be the person they connect with!
  • Growth is a great metric to measure. Engagement is another one.

Once you get consistent deep in your personal brand, it’ll start become spotted among your customers and any stranger out on the web that is searching for your product.

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Its Your Brand You’re Building

Not your company’s, not the other consultants, YOURS. Which is good news for you, since you know yourself better then everyone. It’ll be easy to control what is “yours” Do you love coffee? Do you collect something? Do you have a favorite saying that you say all the time?

Start using those things in your social media posts. Even if they have nothing to do with your product. You’re a person, after all, and you want to be more then just your product to your people. No one in your audience is going to love your product as much as you. But they’ll love you.

You want people to tag you coffee posts, or in posts about the thing you collect. You want them to be walking in the store, see something that remind them of you, and they’ll snap a picture and send it too. That’s brand awareness for a direct sales consultant. They’re out living their lives and they still took the time to think of you.

Make Sharing Your Brand Easy

And I don’t mean swag, though that’s always fun. Do you have a public facing platform that you can also post these things too? If you’re in a closed Facebook group consider one public facing channel to make sharing easy. A blog, a Facebook page, an Instagram are all great options for shareable content.

A blog or website, something you have the most control over is perfect for those moments when someone doesn’t have a Facebook or Instagram. I don’t mean your company’s blog or your replicated site, a site that you’ve built, and have full control over. A link from your blog can be easily shared on a domain redirect, and put everywhere. The newest way to easily share a link in is a QR code.

Building brand awareness is going to take time. You are one person out there in a sea of many. You’re not a big corporation that has millions of dollars for ad campaigns. You’re you, and you’ll shine brightly to the right people. You just have to keep going, and don’t give up when the going gets hard.


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