Chalk Elegance with Stephanie Nixon

Chalk Elegance with Stephanie Nixon

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Phone: 403-741-3028
Canada T0C2L2

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Consultant For: Chalk Couture

As a busy mom of three sports-active children (dance, hockey, lacrosse and more), working a full time career (in-home childcare) and teaching preschool dance/ acro classes finding time to be creative with crafting is always a challenge... OR at least it was! Now with Chalk Couture I can bust out a gorgeous decor, clothing or gift piece in a short amount of time AND have it look like I spent hours creating. The best part is it's easy enough for my children to join in with me (I'll admit their creativity blows my mind). My favourite part is the multiple ways you can choose to run your Independent designership - it truly feels like it's MY business!