Confidence & Chaos with Reta Jayne

Confidence & Chaos with Reta Jayne

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Phone: 360-941-1214
Kennewick, Washington state, USA 99337

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Consultant For: NoFilter Global

Have you ever looked in the mirror & despised the reflection looking back at you? Worse yet, have you refused to even meet your own eyes?

Has life plain out done you dirty? Is the stuff you’ve been through been pretty much unspeakable?

Do you crave a better sense of belonging, people who won’t judge your quirks, & an environment where you can actually learn to love yourself again – or MORE?

What about quieting that voice inside your head that’s always putting you down? (I call mine “The Bitch.”) Is that a goal of yours? (Because who needs enemies when your own brain betrays you like that??)

Hi, beautiful. ❤ I’m Reta Jayne. Confidence & Chaos exists to bring as many women as possible along for the ride as I learn to build my own confidence...

(That’s right. I do NOT claim to be some professional. I’m complicated & REAL & messy -- & trying to learn NOT to take myself too seriously!)

Life has some ridiculous CHAOS it dishes out & I’m learning, every day, how to DEAL. I share what I am learning so YOU can apply it to your own life too…

I look forward to getting to know you – when you’re ready.