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Pennsylvania, United States

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Consultant For: DotDotSmile

Hi there!

I am a mom of one from Pennsylvania. I work full time in the IT industry and found a passion for helping busy moms dress their kids in comfortable, durable clothing that retains value and lasts for years.

My daughter has always been picky about her clothing choices with comfort being her ultimate requirement. Scratchy tags and pinchy zippers were not her thing and resulted in a number of meltdowns and tons of frustration. Three years ago I bought a dress online. My daughter immediately put it on and twirled around the room. She did not want to take it off. That great big smile and look of confidence that she had when she wore that dress, led me back for more. After buying two more dresses, I signed up as a DotDotSmile merchandiser for the discount. My first order was an entire box of size 5/6 for my daughter!

Fast forward three years and I now have a business sharing these amazing children's outfits with others. I am passionate about sharing these high-quality clothes with busy parents. All of the products that I offer are superior quality, comfortable and durable! As parents, we work hard for our money and while we want our kids to look good, we also need clothes that last more than one playdate or roll in the mud. With DotDotSmile, you will not only get high quality products from a small company that is constantly innovating and improving, you'll also superior customer service from yours truly. I am here to help you find the perfect clothes for all of the littles in your life at a price point that you can afford.