Ear-resistible Origami Owl with Colleen

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Consultant For: Origami Owl Custom Jewelery

Good day & thank you for your interest! I joined Origami Owl as a “kitnapper” and here I am 4.5+ years later loving it more and more every day!! I live in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada with my hubby and doggie, Kensi! If you’ve heard of the Broadway musical, “Come From Away”, it’s based on my hometown. I have a daughter who moved back to Gander 2 years ago with her hubby and doggie!! Actually, my entire family with the exception of one brother, live in Gander and he’s only 4 hours away. I love yoga, nature, walking, hiking, riding on our quad, snowmobile or wave runner depending on the season. However, my favourite is our wave runner cause I much prefer the warm, hot weather! I retired over 3 years ago from a 38 year career in the accounting & finance profession. I worked over 30 year with the same company and my entire career was in the aviation industry. Thank you for viewing my information!