Fearless Bling – Paparazzi Accessories

Fearless Bling – Paparazzi Accessories

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Jacksonville, Florida, USA 32207
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Phone: 904-575-1767

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Consultant For: Paparazzi Accessories
Why Paparazzi?
This company has a message of empowerment at the same time we understand the power of bling! I believe that a little bling will boost your spirits and give you the extra nudge when you are feeling low. The best part is - our price point is $5 and allows you to shop without breaking the bank! In my daily life I am a social worker and work with children in foster care. Direct sales is my outlet to have fun and connect with the positive things in life. Adding extra income to our home is another bonus! All these reasons and more are why I love and appreciate my opportunity to be an Independent Business Owner with Paparazzi Accessories.