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Texas, USA 76643
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Consultant For: Usborne Books & More

Hello there! I'm Heather, your book expert! I can't wait to help your family build a better world 🌍 through books.

πŸ“š I've always been an avid reader.

πŸ“–As a kid, I would disappear for hours only to be found in my room reading the day away.

πŸ“šFor me, reading was a way to cope with everything going on around me, a way to experience life when I wasn't yet able to get out and do it on my own, and a way to learn more deeply about a subject I cared about.

πŸ“–In fact, I loved reading so much that I studied English Education in college basically just so that I could read AND get a college degree.

πŸ“š I believe reading is such a fundamental part of our early life and for this reason, I've decided to help my friends and family with young readers (and soon to be young readers) access a world of possibilities through Usborne Books.

I am so happy you are here to find books that you'll remember for years to come.