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Phone: 3199316082
New London, Iowa, United States 52645

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Consultant For: Java Momma

Hi! Welcome to my caffeinated journey!

It all started in 2017 as I was actively looking for a DS coffee company. Because... coffee! 'nuf said, right? A couple months after I ran into brick walls, noticing a lack of anybody selling caffeinated gold, a friends messaged me with a new opportunity. I am one of the blessed ground floor baristas who jumped on the Java wagon before our company even launched!

Here we are, a few years down the road. I'm still caffeinated. Still in love with my job.

Aside from coffee, our family is always looking up. Mainly to watch my husband fly over (he's a pilot). Or on those rare occasions, we get to join him on a flight, even a short flight to move planes from one airport to another. Or chasing him down at local fields (he's also an ag pilot). Sometimes, I can be found helping him in the shop, working on, you guessed it, planes! No, I am NOT mechanically inclined AT ALL! But have been assigned important tasks, such as sorting screws (yuck!), removing screws with a drill (fun!), or helping clean up. You know he's in desperate search of help when he calls me in!

We also love attending and volunteering at our local church. He helps every Sunday in children's or running camera. I spread out to several areas on Sundays and Wednesdays, greeting people as they arrive, helping with children and in our youth department, even making drinks at our youth cafe. Yes, I get to blend frozen coffee drinks! It's in my blood ๐Ÿ™‚