Jennie Maynard – Your Ottawa Gift Gal

Jennie Maynard – Your Ottawa Gift Gal

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November Insiders!!
November Insiders!!
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Phone: 613-889-1330

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Consultant For: Thirty-One Gifts Canada

I am a work at home mom of FOUR kids although I’m not sure I can say “kids” anymore as they are 15, 17, and 21 (twins). My husband works for the Canadian government in aviation meteorology and I was blessed to be able to stay at home with our kids. I did return to work after our twin boys were born but as a mom of children with special needs, it was extremely difficult to juggle home life, work life, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dr’s appointments & in the early days, repeated illnesses & hospitalizations.

I left my corporate job in IT back in 2003 when our 3rd son was born. I needed to stay busy and engaged in the working world and keep my skills fresh if/where possible so I combined my needs at home with my job skills and opened an online store back in the day when cloth diapering was just coming back as a trend. I ran my own business doing all roles (web site design, marketing, logistics, customer service, etc) until 2009 when I my daughter was finally potty trained.

In the fall of 2012, my friend Tina asked me to join her in selling Thirty-One, I agreed to join and my goal was to keep & use the kit. I didn’t pursue it right away - I hosted a catalogue party to recoup the cost of my kit. That’s all. Well - I earned my kit money back and doubled it. My first party order arrived with extra boxes - turns out I earned free products without knowing it (the Start Swell program as it was then called). So I carried my new free purse and folks asked about it and booked parties to get it-so I did a few parties and well, folks joined my team and they had parties. And within 6 weeks, I had my first promotion to Sr. Consultant. 4 weeks later I was moving up to Director leading a team.

Here I am 7.5 years later. Still loving & needing the Sisterhood that comes from the “pink bubble”. Still loving the learning and me time and the free stuff that keeps on coming. I have travelled more times than I can count on 2 hands to Columbus, OH. I have been to Riviera Maya & the DR to the Hard Rock resorts for FREE with my husband. I have been to Laguna Beach, CA & Montego Bay Jamaica while I was on the President’s Advisory Council! I lead an amazing team of ladies from across Canada including many leaders in my success line. I love the support from not only my team of ladies, but from a large group of consultants & leaders who I can call friends all over North America!