Lisa Moyer, Norwex Independent Consultant

Lisa Moyer, Norwex Independent Consultant

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Michigan, United States 48356
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Phone: 810-214-4542

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Consultant For: Norwex

I am wife to a faithful Lutheran pastor, mom to five busy children nine and under, part-time homeschool mom, and RN who now works from home. My last nursing job was educating teachers in the Genesee ISD in mid-Michigan and I learned so much about the need for health education. So, when Norwex fell into my lap it seemed (and still does) like a perfect fit.

You see, when you become a mom you learn how much you DON'T know. And wow, I learned so much right away about kids safety and health. Until my third son was born I could not find safe cleaners for my budget, that actually worked! So, when I was invited to a Norwex Facebook party I got excited. I ordered one cloth, and booked a party--the rest is history. So much, good history!

I never thought I would 'sell' products, much less be a 'party' girl--but the truth is I love educating people and seeing their health improve using safe cleaning products which also fulfills my nurse and mom dreams! So, if you find something that sticks with you in this party and you think--I could do this, please let me know!! I want to help you make a difference in the lives of others, too.