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North Carolina, USA 27526
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Consultant For: LuLaRoe
I believe in celebrating small moments in the every day, looking for joy everywhere, and surrounding yourself with people and things that bring great delight. I think life is too easily over-complicated and difficult, and I strive to find even the simplest of things to help ease unnecessary burdens.
Fashion is one of those things that is quickly complicated and overwhelming. Between navigating colors, patterns, sizes, and “what the heck am I supposed to feel like in this?”, it easily turns into a rodeo of sorts. I truly believe that fashion shouldn’t be a struggle, and that getting dressed in the morning can easily set the tone for an amazing day. I've found that I feel more comfort, ease, and beauty when my closet is filled with things that make me feel confident and excited to get dressed in the morning. I hope you open your closet with excitement, too! It's my joy and privilege to help you navigate your own fashion journey, and get you outfitted in your own confidence with effortless style so you can live a no-fuss life.