Luxology Naturals, Luxurious Handmade Bath & Body Products.

Luxology Naturals, Luxurious Handmade Bath & Body Products.

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Consultant For: Luxology Naturals

Hi!  I'm Jessica, a mom to two (a boy and a girl), wife to a firefighter, an RN, and a skincare enthusiast.

I have loved researching skincare ingredients since I was a little girl and bought my first book about making your own skincare and bath products when I was 10 or 11.  I still remember learning about moisturizer protecting your skin from moisture loss and learning about essential oils and hydrosols before anyone really talked about them (insert laughing emoji here 🙂 ).  I even started a beauty blog in my early 20's and did that off and on for a few years.

I currently work as a nurse in mental health and it has been amazing to learn more about mental health and different practices that can help with mental health.  It is something that I am constantly needing to work on with myself.  I love incorporating self-care and self-love practices into my business and sharing with my community as well.

I love sunflowers and nature, traveling and exploring new places with my family.  I was able to do a study abroad in Ecuador in college and I loved it!  It definitely ignited my love for travel.  My husband lived in Peru for 2 years and we were able to go back and visit after we were married, we've also been able to go to Hawaii (Kauai), Los Cabos, and the Florida Keys along with quite a few National Parks near and in Utah where we live.

I also really, really love making new friends even if we can only be online friends due to living far away.  My favorite part of direct sales while I did it was all of the friendships that I gained.  So, if you like any of these things or just want to make a new friend, send me a friend request or a message 🙂