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Consultant For: doTERRA Essential Oils

Why and how I got started with doTERRA Essential Oils.

I've always done my best to live a healthy lifestyle, however I find that I'm continually facing new challenges as I grow older and face mid-life issues. I've always disliked taking prescription medications unless absolutely necessary. Most of my life I've been asthmatic but when a specialist advised I should take my medications daily I wanted another alternative. This is when essential oils came to the rescue! I gradually incorporated green cleaning into my home, removed all synthetic fragrances (even scented candles) and toxic substances found in my home. doTERRA was a big part of this and it was actually cheaper cleaning my home this way! Finally with the blessing of my family doctor I weened myself off my medications fully and now manage my respiratory health with doTERRA's pure essential oils. To be clear this part was a longer journey and took a couple of years but fully worth it to me! I also don't advise doing this without the support of a doctor.

A passion for natural health & wellness using doTERRA essential oils

Since discovering doTERRA essential oils my family has discovered natural solutions for so many things! You can use essential oils for cleaning your home, making DIY products such as sunscreen, deodorant, body wash, lotions and so much more! I am also highly sensitive to fragrance so I make my own "purefumes" with these essential oils - they smell great and provide many other benefits as a bonus. We rarely get sick anymore and when we do we have tools at our fingertips for relief and to assist our bodies in healing more quickly. Thanks to our healthier lifestyle, we are saving money and time by not having to visit the doctor's office regularly. I love to learn about health and wellness.​

I know starting out with essential oils can be very overwhelming. My journey has been about discovering one oil or one application at a time. It takes time and exploration but once you get going nothing can stop you! I love to share, educate and encourage others on their wellness journey and have FUN while doing it! If you have questions or want to learn more feel free to join my free educational and fun community.