Making Memories with Plaid Apple Books

Making Memories with Plaid Apple Books

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Wisconsin, USA 54650
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Phone: 6087831399

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Consultant For: Usborne Books & More

Hi there! I'm so glad to meet you! I'm Josie, wife, mom, and book lover. We live in western Wisconsin near the beautiful Mississippi River, but I can work with anyone in the USA.

I, like I'm guessing many of you, have felt mom guilt. Are we doing enough fun activities? Are we doing things the kids will remember when they're older? Are they having a good childhood? What I love about these books is I've realized that making memories doesn't have to be hard. Our activity books have given us many ideas of fun crafts or experiments to do with materials at home. We've been able to dive into topics that interest us with our interactive and engaging nonfiction books. But my favorite is just cuddling up and reading a great story with my kids. With teens to toddlers, I can tell you that a good story is captivating at any age. This is a special time together, and it's always a good time to read. (It's a great way to turn around a day that starts out crabby.)
I hope we can both keep making memories with the simple joy of reading.