Missy Horton – Initial Outfitters Leader

Missy Horton – Initial Outfitters Leader

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Alabama, USA 35007
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Phone: 2052498198

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Consultant For: Initial Outfitters

I am incredibly grateful for the freedom DS has given our family (I got to be a stay-at-home mom), and the flexibility to work in my yoga pants ALL. DAY. LONG. I am also a beach-loving, Southern gal who prefers tropical vacations over any other destination!

I have been in direct sales for 26 years, and have no intention of ever working a regular full-time job again!!  I love being able to go to lunch with girlfriends, without watching the clock for lunch-hour to be over. I love NOT having to set an alarm clock daily for work.

I get to be in an in-depth Bible study on a weekday morning, without having to swap shifts!!

I love our "grand dogs", but I don't want to get my own puppy... I potty trained our boys while my hubby traveled, and I have no desire to do that ever again!

I exercise because I enjoy food, especially extra large bowls of pho and Vietnamese iced coffee... yes to the sweetened condensed milk!! You will never see me lifting tractor tires or in any fitness based competition, but you might catch me walking around my neighborhood or on the beach.