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Maryland, USA 20878
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Phone: 7876726723

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Consultant For: Sabika Jewelry

As an Independent Consultant, I help women bring their own inner beauty out. With our unique handcrafted Sabika Jewelry, every woman has the opportunity to show her individuality, create stunning looks and express themselves. By building relationships, I would like to empower every woman into achieving their full potential, boost their self-esteem and be happy.

I enjoy taking care of my health, spirit and of course, image. However, I keep things simple. I honestly believe there should be a strong synergy between all three for a woman to be in tune with herself. I like sports, dancing, travel, music and a good conversation. I also enjoy lounging at home with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Recently, I hit the "reset button" and decided to invest into more positive connections. Life is too short...lets enjoy the moment!

Hope to connect and be of assistance to you in the near future. Blessings!

Minerva R