Stephanie McElheran of Beautiful You

Stephanie McElheran of Beautiful You

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Oregon, USA

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Consultant For: Farmasi

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by. Below you will learn a little bit about me, and what I do.

Stephanie McElhera - Beautiful You
My name is Stephanie McElheran and I live in a small rural town in Oregon where recreational sports are abundant. Even though the Gorge is windy most of the time, it’s a beautiful place to live. I love to hike and the Gorge is known, for all of its waterfalls, which makes hiking a breathtaking experience. I also love to knit with socks being my favorite. During the week, I work as a Traffic Manager for 5 local radio stations. It's a fun job.

I have three wonderful kids. Yes, I am biased, but then what mother isn't. They all make me a proud to be their mama.
Stephanie & Kids

Having super sensitive skin has always made it hard for me to find skincare and makeup products that didn’t cause an allergic reaction. I found with Farmasi  I don’t have to worry about it as their skincare and makeup is plant based and they also follow European standards. This means over 1300 toxins have been banned where as the US only has 11. It made it easy to decide.

I have always liked to help people from the time I was young. I like to volunteer when I can. My favorite thing to do is help people feel confident in their own skin. If you have an issue or issues with skin or makeup, let's talk. I may be able to make suggestions to help. I am available for one-on-one consultations either online or, if you are local to the area, in person.

Feel free to connect with me. Links are above. Want to check out what products I have to offer? Click the link below.