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Songbird Bookworm
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Songbird BookwormBook Bundles
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA 55311
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Phone: 6122296121

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Consultant For: Usborne Books & More

I was born in the USSR and moved to the US at 14.  Life in the Soviet Union wasn't perfect, but one thing that I always valued was the level of education I received.  I was fortunate to attend a good school with English as a second language from the first grade.  I learned to speak it very well.  I also had in-depth schooling in geography, history, biology, chemistry, and physics.  I could never really find something to be passionate about, but I was always passionate about learning.

I ended up becoming a chemist partially because it was a difficult subject to learn.  I liked that challenge.  After graduation, I realized that I did not like the everyday chemistry work.  I needed to work with people.  I tried getting into different branches of chemistry, but nothing satisfied me.

Usborne Books & More entered my life when I least expected it.  I was active on the PTO and got invited to a party.  I went to support a friend and ended up finding a magical world I never knew existed! I did not have these books growing up!

I am passionate about education and helping kids learn to read. My favorite part of my job is helping you find that perfect book that will help spark your child's imagination and interest in reading. As a scientist, I was first drawn to Usborne Books & More by its amazing science books.

I love the variety of programs available to us in Usborne Books & More! Home/Facebook parties, book fairs, fundraisers, readathons, and matching literacy grants - there are so many ways to make a difference! I love working with teachers and librarians - they can see right away why our books are a cut above the rest!

I love being able to give free books to parents and organizations, to help needy kids, to be a force against illiteracy!

Many times I hear from parents: "my child doesn't like to read" - but I truly believe that that child just hasn't found the right book yet. I am on a mission to help kids fall in love with reading. My specialty is in finding that one book that your child will love!

My latest program is a Book Bundle Subscription. You tell me about your kids, I send them fun surprises in the mail tailored to their unique tastes. The feedback so far has been amazing!
I lead a team of determined consultants who want to inspire kids and adults alike to love reading. Join us!

Mom of three awesome product testers 🙂 In my spare time, I love to sing and have a band with my husband.