Your Life. Your Health. Be Empowered.

Your Life. Your Health. Be Empowered.

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oregon, United States 97124
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Consultant For: Young Living Essential Oils

Our bodies are made up of natural molecules. It makes sense that natural molecules work best with other natural molecules, doesn't it?

I was in my forties when everything seemed to go cattywampus – my back, my endocrine system, sleep, stress, everything. Then I found Young Living Essential Oils and everything changed as I began to leverage nature to work with my body's natural molecules.

What I have found since is SO many things I thought I just had to live with could easily and simply be addressed with plant based products. And then the whole world of living free from harsh chemicals opened up to me. (I had no idea that 30+ years of monthly misery was being caused by endocrine disrupting chemicals in my dye free, scent free laundry detergent and my body wash.)

Now in my 50s, I feel better than I did in my 40s with real hope for truly enjoying my golden years. Young Living gives you options you didn’t have before to live your best life.

At its heart, Young Living is a farming company founded by a farmer with the simple goal of ensuring your home and family gets the very best NATURE has to offer. They have invested unprecedented time and resources, over the last 25+ years, to ensure quality is prioritized and nature is not compromised. With farms on 6 continents in 30 countries, they continue to lead the modern essential oil movement with nearly 700 natural products that work with our bodies’ natural molecules.