You’ve signed up for the Suite Mastermind!


Now check out your next steps and let’s get you settled in to the Mastermind 🙂

Step One: Join the Facebook Group


Click the following link to join your private Facebook group for this mastermind. You will want to join this Mastermind to be able to have full access to replays of Leader Shares and community:

  • NOTE: If you aren’t in the Elite Suite Facebook group, click HERE to join that group too (since ya know, you’ve got access to both now).

Step Two: Join the Telegram Group

Click the following link to join your private Telegram group for this mastermind. This Telegram group will give your direct access and a chat channel to Brenda, Team Suite, and fellow Masterminds.


Step Three: Take a look at theEliteSuite.com


Included with your membership into the Suite Mastermind is full access to the Elite Suite website and training.

Take a look at the site and start digging in on classes that look interesting to you and your team.

REMEMBER: One of the perks of a Suite Mastermind membership is that you will recive a personalized  link to give to your team for $1 for their first month in Elite. That link will come to you within the next week, via the email you used at sign up. 

Step Four: Step back and keep it real!

You’ve signed up to take the step to join this Suite Mastermind.

Take a moment to celebrate yourself, for prioritizing yourself, your team, and your professional development as a leader.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
African Proverb