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Member FAQs

What is the difference between following The Elite Suite Success Journey recommended order of training and designing my own path?
If you are new to direct sales are or unsure as to where to start with the training provided to via your Elite Suite membership, we recommend following our trademarked Social Success Journey.  The Social Success Journey was developed to outline the various stages a direct seller progresses through in their business.  Clarity on the success path helps manage and reduce overwhelm, provide a clear set of activities for focus at each stage, and measure success against clear stage milestones.  The Masterclasses included on the Success Journey will set a foundation from which you can build you marketing strategy, based on your individual goals.  To determine where you currently land on the Direct Sales Social Success Journey, complete this personal assessment.
I am having trouble accessing The Elite Suite on Facebook. What should I do?

If you are an active subscriber to TheEliteSuite.com and are having trouble accessing the Elite Suite Facebook group, please email us at hello@sassysuite.com or drop us a message via the Contact Us form on this site.  Your request to join the group may be denied if your Facebook profile name or the email address submitted with your request does not match our enrollment records.  We'll be able to clear this up via email and get you approved into the group right away.

Where do I find the Digital Resources available to me each month under my Elite Suite membership?

Each month, TheEliteSuite.com provides a variety of rotating and evergreen digital assets for member download and use. 

Digital assets include a monthly pack of ready-to-use social media graphics and a monthly done-for-you social content calendar.  If you are a paid subscriber to TheEliteSuite.com, you can access those on the Elite Suite App in the Resource Library. They will be available for 3 months before being rotated out!

They may not be shared with your peers, downline, customers, or non members of the Elite Suite.   

Can I share my membership to TheEliteSuite.com with my business partner, spouse or team member?

We understand many of our members have business partners or are assisted in business by their spouses. However, membership to TheEliteSuite.com is single sign-on only meaning only one person is allowed per subscription.  This includes access to TheEliteSuite.com site and Facebook community group.  Your business partner may certainly join with their own membership to access all TheEliteSuite.com benefits.

I'd like to share TheEliteSuite.com with my team and friends in direct sales. Do you offer an affiliate program?

We would love for you to share the value of The Elite Suite!  We do know however that many direct sales companies do not allow their consultants to profit off of their peers.  So, we've developed an affiliate program within The Elite Suite that is points based.  Active members can accumulate "Power Points" to earn prizes, swag and even 1/1 coaching opportunities with founder Brenda Ster.

Hold up, wait a minute! There is an Elite Suite App?
  1. There is! This is an exclusive benefit for Elite Suite members to take Brenda and the Suite on-the-go with you, wherever you are. You will be able to watch masterclasses, watch past lives, download workbooks from masterclasses, chat in groups, see events, and so much more.
Do I need to be a member of the Elite Suite in order to access the app?

Yes, you do! For as long as you are an active Elite Suite member on theEliteSuite.com, you’ll be able to access the app. Once your membership expires, your access to the app will be revoked. 

Some special cases do exist - please email us if you are having issues getting logged in.

Where is the app available?

The Elite Suite App will be available on all Apple and Android products, including mobile devices and tablets. Download “The Elite Suite” now through the Apple App Store and on Google Play Store. 

Can I change my subscription plan?

You bet!  You can change your payment frequency between monthly, semi-annual or annual options depending on what works best for you.  To make the switch, please navigate to Manage My Account from the header menu above.  Next, click on Subscriptions from the left hand side of your My Account page.  Click the button to Update My Subscription Preferences.  You will be taken to the Elite Suite product page.  Select your new payment terms and click Register Now.  Follow the steps to check-out to set your new payment terms.  The new payment plan and rate will take effect as of your next payment cycle.

How do I update or change the card I have on file for my subscription payment?

To update the payment method associated with your subscription the TheEliteSuite.com, visit your My Account page here, select SUBSCRIPTIONS  from the left hand menu, click the button to VIEW next to the subscription you wish you modify and then click the button to CHANGE PAYMENT METHOD.  Input your new card details and then click to save/update.

What happens if my scheduled subscription charge does not go through?

If your scheduled subscription payment does not process successfully for any reason, our system will automatically retry the payment method on file 12 hours after the original attempt. 

If the payment does not process successfully on the second attempt, you will receive an email notifying you of the failed attempt with a link to update your payment information and make a manual payment on your account.  At this point, your Subscription status will be put on hold and your access to TheEliteSuite.com content will be temporarily blocked until the balance due has been satisfied. 

If the balance due has not been satisified manually, payment will be retried a third and final time 24 hours following the last attempt.  If payment does not clear on this third attempt and if the balance due on your account has not been paid manually, your membership to TheEliteSuite.com will be considered cancelled and expire.  

Once payment has been successfully processed, your subscription renewal date will be updated to correctly reflect the payment frequency associated with your account preferences.

What is the difference between Platinum and Gold Elite Suite?

Outside of cost, Platinum is all about ACCESS to Brenda Ster, her support team, & Janell Connolly, the Suite's Resident Business Coach and Subscription Box Expert. In Platinum, you gain access to everything Elite Gold has AND access to one of the best teams in the direct sales world with an additional Facebook group and resources to scale your business to where you want it to be. 

If you'd like to upgrade to Platinum, feel free to email into the Team at hello@sassysuite.com for more info!

What happens when I cancel my membership to TheEliteSuite.com?

When you cancel your membership to TheEliteSuite.com, your access to all Elite Suite content including Masterclasses, digital assets, forums and other site content will automatically expire on the last day of the subscription period you last paid for.  Your Facebook profile will also be removed from any Elite Suite related communities.

If I cancel my membership, can I rejoin later at the same price?

No.  Should you cancel your membership but decide to rejoin at a later date, you will be subject to the public join rates at that time.

How do I cancel my membership to TheEliteSuite.com?

You may cancel your subscription to TheEliteSuite.com at any time by visiting the My Account page here, selecting SUBSCRIPTIONS from the left hand menu, then clicking on VIEW next to the subscription you wish you cancel.  You can cancel your subscription by clicking the button CANCEL on this page.  Your access to TheEliteSuite.com and related resources and community will expire at the end of the billing cycle last paid for.

What is Platinum Elite?

This tier of the Elite Suite is about access to Brenda and our NEW Suite Business Strategist and Coach Janell Connolly.

This is the new level of Elite Suite for the business owner who is serious about pushing forward, but needs clarity and support on specific business actions and strategies. Platinum will be ideal for those at Stage 3+ of the Social Success Journey, who are working on integration and expansion of your social strategy. 

I have more questions, where can I get answers?

As always, you can reach us at hello@sassysuite.com or drop us a message via the Contact Us form on this site should you have additional questions. 

Drop us a message!