On a scale of “what system” to “rocking the content curation” where would you say your content curation workflow lined up?

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Content Curation Workflow

If you’re like some of the others we’ve talked to,, then your answer is probably somewhere in the middle: you know you need to find and gather content, and when you put your mind to it, you can usually find really good content. But you don’t actually have a system in place for the express purpose of gathering, filtering, and sharing content with your audience.


But that’s okay!! Here are some thoughts on what content curation is to people, and the tools that you can use to do so.

  • Content curation is, in a nutshell, gathering content from around the web to share it with your audience.
  • Content curation is pulling together my ideas into a cohesive content plan – graphics, blog posts, topics I want to discuss with my communities, and so on.
  • Twitter Lists are an awesome tool for sifting out the rest of the noise on Twitter and just finding the content you’re interested in. We use them too.
  • Add your own voice to the topic. Just like you don’t want to be the only one talking in the room, you also don’t want someone else doing all the talking.
  • By curating the content as ideas, but then recreating it to make it your own – ex: instead of using corporate images, I make my own. Or instead of using the corporate blog – I’ll write my own post on my own blog.

Why do I need a Content Curation Workflow?

You’re overwhelmed everyday with things to do, things to make, kids to take care of, a house to run, a business to run…ya’ll. If you don’t have some semblance of a “workflow” you’ll never get a head, and you’ll constantly be drowning in work.

Do you follow other people in your industry? Do you follow your company? These are great places to get content to share with your audience. You need to be seen as an expert by being with the experts, which means sharing things from other people that say the same things that you do.

When you share other people in your industry, people are going to see that you’re not the only one saying the same thing, so you must be trustworthy. And they’ll start to trust you.

So you need to get a system together that will let you go out on to the world wide web and gather the content that showcases the same things you’re talking about. You need time to write your own blog posts, you need time to make graphics and quotes, and then you need time to schedule everything in a timely manner.

Getting this system together is your content curation workflow.

Remember friends, you don’t have to be the only voice on a subject to be an expert. There is somebody for everyone in an online space, so you’ll gain followers and a platform. Its just going to take time.

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