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Are you ready to take your direct sales business to the next level?

Welcome to a Brand New Elite Suite

The premier coaching community that will change the way you do business online.

Imagine how it would feel to wake up each day to more sales from an ever growing customer base...

...To have more freedom to work when and where you want to...

...To feel proud about what you do and who you serve...

...And to have more time to focus on the reasons you went into business for yourself in the first place.

Elite Suite Value Mockup

With the power of The Elite Suite behind you, you will:

  • Launch your business with a positive success mindset.

  • Develop a marketing plan that aligns with YOUR goals.

  • Create your own personal brand, that complements what you sell.

  • Master the business processes that drive bookings, sales, and team growth.

  • Expand your sales methods to make more money online.

  • Grow your presence on new social channels.

  • Sponsor and lead a high performing team.

  • Save time, money, and effort with done-for-you resources.

  • Diversify your online income through social monetization.

  • Network with other direct sellers across the industry committed to doing direct sales better.

  • Continually expand your warm market and your client base.

  • Be challenged with accountability and support to meet your goals.

  • Get new masterclasses and resources to succeed every month.

  • ... and so much more!

What Makes the Elite Suite Different?

Proven Tactics

Theories are for professors, not business owners.  Learn real marketing tactics that work.

Timeless Strategies

Trends may come and go and eventually fall flat.  This is long-game marketing.

Built-In Accountability

Just because you work alone doesn't mean you have to be on your own.

Truly Self-Paced

Focus on the areas you need to work on right now, and come back to the rest later.

Here’s What elite suite members Get Every Month:

Unlimited Access to a Library of Video-Based Masterclasses Hosted by Industry Leaders, Service Providers & Subject Matter Experts

New Digital Assets Including Ready-To-Use Graphics, Content Calendars, E-Books, Worksheets, and Success Maps

Live Group Coaching Sessions, Sales Strategy and Goal-Setting Workshops, Networking Opportunities & Tactical Challenges

Exclusive Training, Access and Discounts to the Best Tools Available to Support Your Business from Brand Experts and Service Providers


The Elite Suite Value Mockup - small


Unlimited Access to Masterclass Library, $1,500+

Live Q & A Sessions with Masterclass Hosts, $399

Live Weekly Coaching Sessions, $799

Monthly Tactical Challenges & Accountability, $499

Monthly Live Sales Strategy & Goal Setting, $599

Stage Level Mastermind Forums, $199

Twice Monthly Group Coaching Sessions, $399

Twice Monthly Networking Events, $199

'Hot Seat' Coaching Opportunities, $199

Monthly Ready-To-Use Graphics Packs, $200

Monthly Done-For-You Content Calendar, $390

Exclusive Facebook Community, PRICELESS

No Contracts and No Time Commitment
Just results & support

Numbers Don’t Lie

In fact, they tell a pretty amazing story of our members’ successes. *


83% of members report an increase in their community engagement within the first week


92% of members report an increase in their networking opportunities within the first month


67% of members report an increase in their revenue within the first month

*Estimates based on frequent assessment & testimonials shared within our communities by our members.

Where are you on the Social Success Journey?

Meet Brenda Ster, Founder of The Elite Suite

Brenda Ster, Social Marketing Strategist, holding an arrow with her name on it

"The modern marketplace is changing; direct sales is changing. Consumers are mobile first, expect an in-person like experience online, and want an emotional connection to the brands they use and love. Direct sellers have to evolve to compete in this new market, and successfully build their businesses online."

Brenda Ster, Founder


First and foremost, Brenda leads with relationship and community building. With her acclaimed social marketing methods, she has provided both video-based and live coaching to thousands of independent online business owners and direct sales consultants to bring their business online, differentiate themselves from others who sell the same or similar products or services, and build loyal communities of customers, teams, fans, and friends. Through her training services and brand partnerships, Brenda and team have successfully led many of her clients to reach national recognition, incentive trips, and rewards.  

The Elite Suite is over 1500 passionate direct and social sellers building successful online businesses in the modern marketplace, through focused value-based content strategies and community-first engagement.

The Elite Suite community is 100% positive mindset, 100% no drama, and the support team you didn't know you needed.


Direct sellers have a unique challenge in social marketing. They need to project their own voice through the lens of their brand, and grow their community and business through content value that appeals to the modern consumer. Gone are the days of "old methods" such as post-and-pray or cold messsaging.

The Elite Suite inspires and empowers all members through focused goal setting, mindset coaching, masterclasses and digital resources geared toward amplifying their unique social voice and value message. We strive to complement the training provided by direct sales companies and leaders, by extending the coaching content to meet the demands of the ever-changing social landscape.

This includes continual development of our coaching resources, partnering with industry experts and service providers, and providing assets that serve the needs of the direct and social sellers throughout their entire marketing journey - from launch to scale.

Is The Elite Suite Right for You?

The Elite Suite is for:

Direct sellers who are ready to step out of the realm of “hobbyist” and turn their passion for their product into a revenue generating business.

Small business owners who are ready to escape the time trap of running a business and start spending time with their families.

Leaders with a hungry team of direct sellers who don’t know where to start or how to provide them all with the training they need.

The Elite Suite is Not For:

People who are looking for a way to get rich quick. Running a business takes hard work and consistent effort to succeed.

Idea chasers with no follow through. If your new business is just the latest in a line of shiny objects and you’re not ready to commit to making it succeed, it won’t succeed.

Anyone looking for someone else to do all the work for them.

suite success

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to direct sales and have no idea where to start! Help!
Congratulations on your new business!  It's hard to know where to start.  You may be getting advice from all angles and feeling overwhelmed by trying to do all the things, all at once.

We're so glad you found The Elite Suite.  Start by taking this assessment to determine where you are on YOUR path to direct sales success.  Then, once you're a member of Elite, follow our guided training program.  Take it one step at a time - you got this!

I'm not in direct sales. Is Elite Suite right for me?

Absolutely.  The Masterclasses and resources available to you on are relevant to all in need of an online marketing and social monetization strategy - from direct sales to independent boutique business owners/operators to digital marketers.

I’m considering leaving direct sales and moving toward an independent business. Is right for me?

Absolutely.  The Masterclasses and resources available to you on are relevant to all in need of an online marketing and social strategy - from direct sales to independent boutique business owners/operators to digital marketers.  In fact, you'll benefit most from the Stage 5 focus on scaling your business through social monetization!

My upline and corporate office already provide training. How is different?

That’s fantastic!  We consider to be a complement to what is provided by upline and corporate teams.  Our focus is on social marketing, building your business online, and ensuring you always have the latest cutting edge information, resources and tools to find online success.

Are the live training events included in my membership recorded? Will I be able to catch replays?

The monthly Sales Strategy session will be available on for replay every month, as this is considered a core content offering.  Office Hours are held live and streamed into the Elite Suite Community Facebook group, and are available for replay in the Facebook group.  Lives that are held in the Elite Suite Community Facebook group are available for replay in the Facebook group.  Elite Suite Meet and Greets are live networking sessions, so are not recorded.  The value is in attending live.

I'd like to share with my team members and friends. Do you offer an affiliate program?

We would love for you to share the value of The Elite Suite!  We do know however that many direct sales companies do not allow their consultants to profit off of their peers.  So, we've developed an affiliate program within The Elite Suite that is points based.  Active members can accumulate "Power Points" to earn prizes, swag and even 1/1 coaching opportunities with founder Brenda Ster.

Tell me about The Elite Suite PowerPoints. How do I earn points and what can I use them for?

We want to keep you motivated to learn and grow and find success through your membership to The Elite Suite so we've gamified your membership! Active members will earn "Power Points" based on their activity around the site, Masterclass progress, new member referrals and more.  As you accumulate "Power Points" you will earn achievement badges and membership ranks!  PLUS, as your "Power Point" balance increases, you will earn prizes, exclusive swag and even 1/1 private coaching opportunities with founder, Brenda Ster.  Booyah!

What are my payment options?

Monthly, Semi-Annual and Annual Subscription plans are available.  All rates are posted in US Dollars.  Cancel anytime.  All major credit cards are accepted including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

I signed up for an annual or semi-annual membership. When and how will I receive my registration bonus?

Registration bonuses are offered on full price, semi-annual and annual registrations ONLY.  Instructions on how to redeem registration bonuses will be delivered to the recipient via email within five (5) business days of joining The Elite Suite.

Discounted memberships are not eligible for bonuses.  Bonuses can not be transferred, exchanged and do not have cash value.

Do you offer a registration bonus on the monthly membership plan?

At this time, registration bonuses are NOT offered with the purchase of a monthly membership plan.

What day of the month will by payment be processed?

Your recurring payment date (subscription renewal date) will be based on two factors including the date you create your membership on and your payment frequency selection. 

Can I pay for my membership via PayPal?

PayPal payments are not supported at this time.  All members who join will be required to pay via credit or debit card.  Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are accepted.  PayPal does offer a no-fee debit card that draws directly off your PayPal balance.

How long is the committment?

You can cancel your membership on at any time.  Your access to the site and all related resources will expire at the end of the subscription period you last paid for.  

However, an Elite Suite membership is designed to help you achieve results in your overall social marketing strategy, we suggest that the best way to get the most out of the membership is to give yourself a year in the new program and membership format.

Will my business partner or spouse be able to access under my subscription?
We understand many of our members have business partners or are assisted in business by their spouses. However, membership to is single sign-on only meaning only one person is allowed per subscription. This includes access to site and Facebook community group.
What happens when I cancel my membership?

When you cancel your membership to, your access to all Elite Suite content including Masterclasses, digital assets, forums and other site content will automatically expire on the last day of the subscription period you last paid for. Your Facebook profile will also be removed from any Elite Suite related communities.

If I cancel my membership, can I rejoin later at the same rate?
No. Should you cancel your membership but decide to rejoin at a later date, you will be subject to the public join rates at that time.
I have more questions, where can I get answers?

Shoot us an email at should you have any additional questions.  We're happy to assist!