I get asked daily – “Brenda, where should I start?” And my answer every single time is…. “What is your goal?”

Everyone is chasing something on Facebook, the next like, the next follower, the next sale, etc. We are all looking for the silver bullet that will set us apart, and make us skyrocket to success.

Hate to tell you, Kitten, there is no silver bullet. There are two halves of a well-baked online relationship marketing plan: Strategy and Tactics.

Strategy – the “what and why”

  • What is your goal?
  • How you want to be known?
  • What applications do you enjoy and want to be on?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What content plan or message will serve him or her?
  • How much time and money do you have to invest in your social strategy?
  • How quickly do you want to achieve your goal?

Tactics – the “how and when”

These are now all the tactics for warming up your warm network, using the applications correctly and consistently, and bringing together your overall branded content for a cohesive presence across any channels you are on, within your budget and timeframe.

Direct sellers want to stand out from the hundreds or thousands of others selling the same product. And shocking….. the brands don't teach you how to do that. Which leaves most people chasing tactics without a strategy. That's spinning your wheels. And if you have a strategy with no tactics, that's great dreams with no execution.

I challenge you to stop and think about the two halves of your plan: Strategy and Tactics. Does it feel baked? Does it feel half baked? No one can tell you where to start, until you decide why you are online. It will make it so much easier to decide if or where to invest in personal development or professional guidance, coaching, or training.


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