We all have various networks of people. Work friends, school friends, direct sales friends, neighbors, family (local and distant), etc. And one of the things I see happen all…the…time, is that when it comes to direct selling, many stick where it’s “safe.” Which means two areas: your immediate family, and your direct sales contacts – those who already get it, understand it, and are likely to be supportive.

But guess what. Your direct sales friends are a relatively small pond. And they all know someone who knows someone who sells your brand. Which makes it seem like everyone already has it.

Where does it get harder? With all those people who don’t know your brand. Then you actually have to work it. You can’t just drop bait and get bites. I’m on a cruise ship in the middle of the Mediterranean right now. And I’ve been doing an informal poll with people I’m meeting. I’m asking them about various brands, and I’m not kidding – the ONLY brands anyone has heard of? Avon, MaryKay, Tupperware, Pampered Chef. (And only one person of the dozen or so I asked knew a consultant.)

It may seem like evvvvvvveryone has your brand already. That’s because of the pond you’re swimming in. Jump over to a new lake and swim with some new fishes. (<—– obscure Godfather reference for the win!)