I’m struck by how many Socialites are receiving national and regional recognition and promotions from their brands, at their conferences and conventions. Amazing, truly.

So I was trying to see if I could figure out what is the key. The secret sauce. And here is the best I can figure.

Most of us in direct sales know **what** we should be doing. We know the tactics – make calls, hold parties, offer the opportunity to others, source vendor events, do follow-up, build relationships. Rinse and repeat.

Those who are achieving higher levels of success are doing two things exceptionally well. 1 – Figuring out exactly where they need to improve their tactics, through focused training or coaching on specific topics. 2 – MINDSET.

I truly believe that 75%+ of this business is believing in yourself, and being brave enough to do it. The rest is tactics. Put those two things together, and you are unstoppable.

#BRAVE #SocialitesDoItBetter