How many of you are “number watchers?”

  • How many people are in my group/page/following?
  • How fast is my community growing?
  • Why did someone leave my page/group/community?
  • Why don't they loooooooooove me anymore?!

Here's the deal, friends. We are all in tons of groups. We are all following hundreds of people on social media. We get boatloads of emails every day. If someone leaves your community, 99% of the time it IS NOT PERSONAL.

Just last week I challenged everyone to clean up your social. Unfollow people, unlike pages, unsubscribe from emails, and leave groups that don't provide you value.

Full disclosure, I watch the Suite numbers every day. Not because it's personal, but because it's fascinating. I wake up every day and there are usually 2-3 fewer than when I went to bed the night before. Right this second, there are two people fewer taking up space on our hot pink couches, than when I logged on a few hours ago to start my day.

As you start to get really consistent on engaging with your community, you will see your community counts shift. People who forgot about you will start to see you consistently in their newsfeed, and either decide to stay or go. As your 3 P's get refined and you really nail down your ideal client (and then speak to her consistently and treat her like the friend she is), those who aren't your ideal client will opt-out. That is OK. Totally OK! It does NOT mean they don't love you, it just means your message didn't resonate with them and they are pruning down all their social inputs to those of most value to them – just like I challenged you to do last week. It doesn't mean your message is wrong. Let me repeat that in case I wasn't crystal clear. It doesn't mean your message is wrong. It just means it wasn't right for **them.**

The numbers game can be a totally screw with your head as you gain and lose followers every day. If you can separate the positive mindset of “who is my ideal client and am I speaking authentically to her?” from the negative mindset of “why am I losing followers?” you will have a much better time dealing with the art and science of social marketing.

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