You are the model, showcase, palette, and ambassador for what you sell. If you sell a wearable product, you have probably found that you sell what you are wearing. Want to move that weird necklace? Wear it during a party! Have some older pieces that aren’t selling? Put them on and take pictures! Want to maximize your sales? Wear your most expensive items, and put them together as a collection. I tested out this theory. I would wear my most expensive necklace and design, and invariably, I would sell two or three during a party. Every time.

Most people are visual shoppers. We want to see what the products look like ON. On real people, on real bodies, in real life situations. And many people are like me. I can’t match my way out of a bag, and would prefer to just “buy that whole thing.” All the pieces, already visually styled for me. Whether you’re selling jewelry, clothing, accessories, makeup… doesn’t matter. Put it on and show it off.

Don’t sell a wearable product? No worries. Show how you are using your products. Cooking? Candles? Health? Oils? Decor? Let’s see! You might be selling products. But you are showcasing lifestyle. We want to see how your products fit your LIFE. Not simply what I call “product on counter” pictures. Guess what. People don’t engage on “product on counter” pictures. But put yourself in the shot? Bam – engagement.

I talk to many people who hate being in pictures. Suck up, buttercup. You are your product, you are your brand. And we want to see what you’re wearing and using. You sell what you showcase. Be confident, inspire others, showcase the lifestyle of what your products have brought you. And you will see the impact in your sales.


product ambassador